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Is As Told By Ginger Getting A 2017 Revival?

If you’re anything like us here at TrevorDecker.com then you probably often find yourself scratching your head at the cartoons on air these days. You also probably say things like “man I miss that show” or “I wish they would bring this show back”

If you can relate then we have some awesome news for you. According to Movie Pilot, Nickelodeon is bringing back As Told by Ginger. The series, which followed the middle school struggles of Ginger Foutley, aired for three seasons from 2000-2003 and earned three Emmy nominations for its progressive storytelling.

Now Nickelodeon reportedly wants to pick up Ginger’s story where it left off: with Ginger and friends entering high school. Yes you read that right high school!!! Can you say feels???

The As Told by Ginger revival is reportedly set to premiere in 2017, but don’t despair because it is going to be worth the wait.

MoviePilot claims that series creator Emily Kapnek will once again helm the series as Ginger navigates the complicated world of high school. Since Nickelodeon is angling to draw in their key demographic of tweens who were probably barely born when Ginger first burst on to the scene there will be some tweaks to the character designs and updates for modern audiences. Fans of the original series shouldn’t be worried about Ginger’s past experiences being erased, though. With Kapnek on board, this potential revival will be taken good care of and will not be spoiled by the modern day hoopla.

Sure the original viewers of As told by Gnger graduated high school anywhere from 5-10 years ago but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited. Anyone and everyone can relate to the struggles of high school so if this revival does indeed happen it’s sure to draw in new and old audiences alike making it an instant hit.

Are you just as excited about this news as we are, and further more can we keep the revivals coming please?

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