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Trevor Decker News is an entertainment news blog. Since 2015 we have focused on providing coverage of family and youth entertainment television, movies and music. including Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix NBC and other outlets. Trevor Decker News promotes entertainment and pop culture designed for families, tweens, teens and youth.

Criteria For What We Cover

Trevor Decker News covers popular television, film and music projects that are entertaining for all ages. We closely follow the latest trends and news coming out of the entertainment industry and look for projects that are overall positive while not avoiding real-world issues that people deal with in life. We look for films, television, and music that are positive, encouraging and empowering. Not everything posted on Trevor Decker News should be considered an endorsement. While we do monitor what and how we post content Trevor Decker News covers entertainment headlines that are newsworthy.

Partnerships and Sponsors

Trevor Decker News is an independent digital media outlet owned and operated by Trevor Decker. We are not associated with any television network, movie studio or record label. Trevor Decker News has never been paid by any company to provide coverage for any projects. Like many websites, Trevor Decker News utilizes Google Adsense on our pages.  We are not directly compensated by any company, studio or network for our coverage.

Who Is Trevor Decker

Since an early age, Trevor Decker has been interested in the entertainment industry and everything that goes along with it. Trevor Decker News is an extension of this life-long passion to provide news about popular television, movies, music and pop culture.

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Trevor Decker News is very active on social media. We can be found on many popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Below you can find links to our accounts.

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About Trevor Decker News
Trevor Decker News is an independently owned and operated website covering the entertainment industry for general audiences. Trevor Decker News tries its best to work directly with media companies to provide exclusive and unique perspectives for television film and music.

Trevor Decker News wishes to thank all media organizations and other third-party sources who may not be credited in posts on this website for their support and trust in our ability to help reach audiences.

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