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Welcome to Trevor Decker News, your go-to source for entertainment news and pop culture. We cover film, television, and music, as well as specific events in the entertainment industry.

At Trevor Decker News, we strive to cover projects that have a positive impact on society. We also look for works that are enjoyable, uplifting, and address real-world issues faced by people. Please note that our coverage is not necessarily an endorsement.

If you or a client you represent would like to be featured on Trevor Decker News, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • For television or film, an IMDb page with credits is required
  • Verified social media accounts are preferred, but not required
  • If you are a music artist, you must already have an established presence on music apps (such as Apple Music or Spotify)

Trevor Decker News is an independent blog owned and operated by Trevor Decker launched in 2015. We have no ties to any television network, film studio, or record label, and we have never received compensation for covering any project. We have sometimes used Google Adsense on our pages, like many other websites.

Trevor Decker has always been passionate about the entertainment industry and founded Trevor Decker News as a way to share that passion with others. Trevor was born with a physical disability and is committed to promoting inclusivity in the industry.

You can connect with Trevor Decker News on social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X), Instagram, LinkedIn, and IMDb. You can also find our contact information [here ]. Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you again soon!