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bella ramsey kelsey morgan time
bella ramsey kelsey morgan time
bella ramsey kelsey morgan time


“Time” Season 2: Bella Ramsey Shines in This Must-Watch Exploration of Women’s Incarceration

NOTE: This article is 1 month old and may not include the most recent information.

Craving a gripping drama that will stay with you long after the credits roll? Look no further than “Time” season 2, a BBC gem now available for US audiences on BritBox. If you discovered Bella Ramsey’s undeniable talent as the fierce, resourceful Ellie in HBO’s “The Last of Us,” let me tell you – their portrayal of Kelsey Morgan in “Time” is a whole new level of brilliant.

“Time” is a thought-provoking series that delves into the complexities of the British prison system. Season 2 takes us inside the walls of a women’s prison, where a harsh reality unfolds. Kelsey, a young woman battling heroin addiction, arrives heavily pregnant and is immediately thrown into a brutal and unforgiving environment. Ramsey’s performance is raw, vulnerable, and rage-filled – it’s unlike anything they’ve done before.

Kelsey isn’t a hero, nor is she simply a victim. Ramsey imbues her with a cunning streak and a fierce survival instinct, forcing you to confront your preconceptions about incarcerated women.

“Time” doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of life behind bars. But it’s not just about the bleakness. The series also explores the unexpected bonds that form within these walls, and the flawed humanity that persists even in the most challenging circumstances.

Kelsey’s story unfolds alongside several other powerful performances within the confines of Carlingford Prison. Jodie Whittaker (known for her role as the Doctor in “Doctor Who”) portrays Orla, a single mother imprisoned for a desperate act during the cost of living crisis. Tamara Lawrance (“Silent Witness”) plays Abi, a woman serving a life sentence, whose quiet demeanor hides a deep well of pain. The experienced Siobhan Finneran reprises her role as prison chaplain Marie-Louise, offering a touch of compassion in the stark environment.

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How to Watch “Time” Season 2 in the US

BritBox is a streaming service offering a wide selection of British television shows and movies, including “Time” season 2. With a subscription, you can easily access the series and discover other hidden gems from across the pond. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be captivated by Bella Ramsey’s powerful performance and the thought-provoking world of “Time.”

Trevor Decker


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