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Ansley Burns To Fans After AGT Elimination “There Will Be Things To Come”

Following her elimination from NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Wednesday night after making it through to the semi-finals thanks to the continued support of the viewers Ansley Burns posted a message to social media and assured fans that there were things to come. Burns encouraged her fans to follow her on all of her social media accounts and to subscribe to her YouTube channel for what is next. Ansley had a rough time throughout the competition. During her audition, Simon Cowell stopped her performance due to his dislike of the music track followed by another stop of a performance during the judge Cuts where she was ultimately sent home but brought back as Simon Cowell’s wild card thanks to the support of loyal fans on social media. The South Carolina native received praise for her determination and personality from the judges with Julianne Hough referring to Ansley as a “ray of sunshine in this sometimes gloomy world”.

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