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Jeremy Allen White to Star as Bruce Springsteen in ‘Deliver Me from Nowhere,’ a Film About the Making of ‘Nebraska’ Album

NOTE: This article is 2 months old and may not include the most recent information.

In a significant shift in Disney’s live-action strategy, David Greenbaum, the new chief of Disney live action and 20th Century Studios, has orchestrated a major acquisition. The studio is set to finance and distribute “Deliver Me from Nowhere,” a film delving into the creation of Bruce Springsteen’s iconic album Nebraska. This move not only indicates a new direction under Greenbaum’s leadership but also signifies a focus on original film projects, diverging from the studio’s previous emphasis on adapting animated classics and theme park attractions.

Scott Cooper will direct the film and has written the script. Jeremy Allen White, known for his role in The Bear, will portray Bruce Springsteen during a transformative period in his career. The project aims to provide a glimpse into Springsteen’s life as he faced personal challenges and the pressures of rising fame while creating Nebraska, an album known for its emotional depth and portrayal of American life.

Nebraska, released in 1982, is considered one of Springsteen’s most significant works, often compared to Joni Mitchell’s Blue for its raw and honest approach. It was created during a time when Springsteen was dealing with personal issues and the expectations that came with his growing fame. Interestingly, the album’s creation coincided with the recording of Born in the USA, offering a contrasting introspective side to the latter’s commercial success.

The film’s development began when Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau, complimented producer Eric Robinson during a podcast, which led Robinson to explore Springsteen’s music and eventually develop this project. Springsteen himself, along with Landau, is involved in the film, aiming to ensure an authentic representation of his music and the time period it represents.

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Scott Stuber, alongside producers Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson, will produce the film, marking Stuber’s first project following his time as Netflix Film head. The collaboration of these industry professionals suggests a carefully crafted cinematic experience.

The acquisition of “Deliver Me from Nowhere” under Greenbaum’s leadership indicates a shift for Disney and 20th Century Studios. By focusing on original storytelling and exploring the stories of music icons like Springsteen, the studio is diversifying its portfolio with culturally relevant content. This approach, delving into human experiences and artistic creation, may shape the studio’s future direction.

“Deliver Me from Nowhere” aims to chronicle the making of a landmark album and provide insight into the life of one of America’s most well-known musicians. The film seeks to capture the essence of Springsteen’s Nebraska and its impact. With a global theatrical release planned following its shoot this fall, the project represents a significant moment in both music and film history, as well as a notable step in the storytelling direction of a major Hollywood studio.

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