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Dark/Pop Singer Cloe Wilder Debuts First Original Song, “Overthinking”

Dark/Pop singer Cloe Wilder from Tampa, FL debuted her first original, “Overthinking” (prod. Jason “JG” Gilbert, Grammy-winning producer [Eminem] and Jayme David Silverstein, Grammy-nominated producer [Miguel]), today, with CelebMix. A tasteful exercise in examining the most intricate workings of the mind, “Overthinking” is a commentary on anxiety, backed by Cloe’s enchanting vocals, pizzicato strings, and happily melancholic synth lines.

“I’ve been pretty open about my mental health struggles and I’ll continue to do that, because it’s important. That’s why “Overthinking” will always stay with me – because I know that my struggles will always stay with me. I’m glad that this is my first single, because it’s a pretty accurate representation of myself. You can figure out what it means to you … but here’s what it means to me – it’s just my mind. There isn’t a storyline … it’s just me.” – Cloe

You can stream the song on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and more now.

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