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Disney CEO Bob Iger Emphasizes Entertainment Over Agenda

During the annual shareholder meeting on April 3, Disney CEO Bob Iger clarified the company’s stance on its role in the entertainment industry and its relationship with political agendas. Iger emphasized that Disney’s primary goal is to entertain its audience rather than advance any specific agenda.

Iger reiterated Disney’s long-standing mission of inspiring and entertaining audiences of all ages through storytelling that reflects the world’s diversity. He highlighted the company’s aim to foster hope, joy, and optimism while maintaining its historical legacy of positively impacting the world through entertainment.

The CEO addressed the company’s position amidst calls from shareholders for Disney to either completely disengage from progressive politics or to engage more actively. This discussion follows a period of heightened political involvement under Bob Chapek’s leadership, particularly regarding Disney’s opposition to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, which led to a legal battle with the state that has since been settled.

Iger clarified that while Disney aims to do good in the world, it does not seek to push any particular political or social agenda. He emphasized the importance of decency and respect in guiding the company’s actions and decisions.

Disney also defended its content creation strategy against criticisms of being “woke,” which was highlighted by activist investor Nelson Peltz’s failed bid for board seats. Peltz had critiqued Disney’s inclusion of diverse casts in its Marvel franchise films. Disney countered this critique by pointing to the significant global box office revenue generated by Marvel films.

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