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Following Social Media Backlash “Little Fighter” Ansley Burns Returns As Simon Cowell’s Wildcard on America’s Got Talent

Call it one of the heartfelt moments of the night fan favorite Ansley Burns who was sent home during the Judge Cuts round America’s Got Talent this season returned on Tuesday night for the first live show as Simon Cowell’s wildcard choice. The 13-year-old singer who has had a rough time with her performances being stopped by Simon Cowell both times for issues with her music choice has been a fan favorite since the beginning.

The reaction to her elimination from the competition on Twitter was felt as Simon Cowell jokingly said to Ansley that she got the whole country to hate him to which she replied: “I don’t hate you”. In a sign of redemption, Simon said that he prays to God America will put Ansley through to the next round of the competition reiterating that she is indeed a fighter. Julianne Hough added that Ansley needed to hold on to these moments because they will define her as an artist in the years to come.

Ansley Burns performed an upbeat rendition of the country classic “Swingin”.


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