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Zak Bagans Addresses Ghost Adventures Live Controversy With Rabbi

Rabbi Shea Harlig

Zak Bagans addresses controversy with Rabbi Shea Harlig in a video posted to YouTube after it was revealed that the Rabbi had not been prepared beforehand about the show by producers. In the video, Zak and the Rabbi clarify what he meant by the use of the word “script” and that he was not aware that he was going to be on live television.

“Ghost Adventures Live” aired on Halloween night on Travel Channel. The Rabbi was invited to assist with an item known as a“Dybbuk Box” which has its roots in Jewish spirituality. The item which is believed to be haunted was purchased by Zak Bagans and placed in his Las Vegas museum which features a collection of items believed to be haunted.

Rabbi Shea Harlig appeared on the live broadcast completely unaware of what he was supposed to do and had only read up on the history of the item hours before appearing on the broadcast. Zak was furious with producers and shared his frustrations live on the air.

The two clear the air in a video which you can watch below:

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