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You Can Now Stream The Norris Nuts “We The Legends” On Spotify

The Norris Nuts YouTube Family

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The Norris Nuts YouTube Family

Earlier this year Australia based YouTuber’s The Norris Nuts released a music video for an original song they wrote about their movement with their fans to be positive. Norris Nuts fans are known as #Legends and are encouraged through regular videos by the Norris siblings to spread positivity in the world.

The Norris Nuts consist of Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz and new baby brother Disco along with parents Brooke and Justin. The family first gained worldwide popularity after Sabre made appearances on the Ellen Degeneres show. They are all athletes who have competed in both surfing and skateboarding. Sabre has been in the spotlight recently thanks to her competing in the X Games in Minnesota where she placed second in skateboarding.

The Norris Nuts have a few different YouTube Channels each family-friendly and geared towards different ages.

Trevor Decker News has regularly featured Norris Nuts content. View some of our previous coverage here.

Stream “We The #Legends” by The Norris Nuts below:

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