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Former Disney Star Reveals Struggles And How She Reconnected With Faith

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From 1989 to 1996 Jennifer McGill was a member of an elite club. Carrying on the tradition which began decades before McGill was part of a revival of the beloved Mckey Mouse Club which became known simply as “MMC”. The series was a combination of music, skits, and interviews with a modern twist designed for what was known as the ‘MTV generation’. Mouseketeers included many future big names as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera.

Watch Jennifer sing ‘Hanging On For Dear Life’ on The New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC).

The song was recorded for an album released by MMC and was also featured on the soundtrack for the film ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’.

Speaking with Christian podcast host Ed Boston, Jennifer McGill reveals that there were many times where she felt uncomfortable and questioned herself. Sharing that at one point a then 11-year-old Jennifer was secretly asked by producers of The New Mickey Mouse Club not to gain any more weight. ‘My family didn’t know how to take that. We didn’t know that was part of the business’ she said.

Jennifer also reveals in the exclusive interview that she now works with young entertainers to ensure they don’t experience the same things she had to go through in the business. McGill works with an organization they focus on building the faith of these young up and coming stars while encouraging their God-given talent.

Jennifer is also now a Christian music artist, worship leader, and soon-to-be author.

You can listen to the Ed Boston Podcat’s complete interview with former Disney star Jennifer McGill below.



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