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Exclusive: Tegan Marie Talks Pepsi Tour & New Music

We had the chance to catch up with rising country star Tegan Marie about her recent tour and more.

You just finished a tour with Pepsi. What was that like and how did your fans react getting to see you perform live?
This Pepsi tour was so much fun! I loved being able to get out there and play for not only my fans, but to also make new ones along the way. The Teganites were amazing and out in full force! 

What are 3 things you have to bring on tour with you?
My Daisy Rock pink guitar
My Trolls Glitter Cream Palette
My phone so I can snap and keep in touch with all of my friends!

What song is most popular with your fans right now?
On this tour we actually played some new songs which went over really really well! It was so fun playing new music for my fans!!!

School is starting soon for many of your fans. What is school like for you? Are you homeschooled?
I take all of my classes online so that I can stay on track and still travel when I have to.  My school has been amazing at helping me get set up so I can follow my dreams and still get my education, which is so important to me. 

When can we expect some new music?
SOOOOON! I’ve been working so hard on new music and I can’t wait for all of my Teganites to hear everything I’ve been working on. I also have a big announcement coming your way 🙂

A few months ago you got the chance to sing with Cam! What was that like?
Getting to sing Mayday with Cam at Stagecoach during sunset was so amazing. It was a moment that I’ll remember forever. 

What current country song would you say describes your summer right now
Somethin’ I‘m Good At by Brett Eldredge is what I’ve been jamming to all summer long. I love that song so much. The song just makes me think of having fun, being yourself, and not taking life too seriously. I am currently totally obsessed with his album as well! 

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