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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 1 “Resist” (a review)



Last night the 5th season of the Fosters aired on Freeform and what a wild ride it was. It picked up right where season 4 left off. Callie once again finding herself in a situation that could be life threatening all because she feels that she’s doing the right thing.

The opening moments of the show find Callie, Dimond and another one of Rauel’s workers in that dreaded hotel room all the while Stef (or as we like to call her here on mama bear) is on the hunt to find Callie.

We don’t know about you guys but we were definitely holding our breaths the entire time. The moment when Callie reveals to Rauel that her name is not Chriatina but Callie and that her mom is a cop and is on her way had us all gasping for air.

The intensity doesn’t stop because even after Stef comes to the girls’ aid (thank god) there’s this moment where Diamond refuses to put down the gun and one could imagine what we were all thinking “this is going to end badly.” Thankfully that wasn’t the case and all three girls were unharmed and Rauel was hauled off to jail.

Now we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the conversation Stef and Callie had in the car after the search and rescue. Anybody who’s been watching this show for the last 5 years knows that trouble always follows Callie so when Stef tells her about Troy Johnson confessing to the murder of Martha Johnson and Callie ask “what happens now” and Stef replies “I don’t know but you almost didn’t stay alive long enough to find out” our hearts broke and in that moment you could truly see how much Stef loves her daughter and how truly hurt she was.

Meanwhile, Mariana is still at the forefront of the Anchor Beach protest. (for those who missed it in season 4 Mr. Stratos (Nicks dad) is trying to turn Anchor Beach into a private school with the help of new principal Drew. He orders the kids to go home but Mariana being the strong-headed character we all know and love refuses which causes Stratos to invoke his anger on her causing baby brother Jude to step in and ends up getting pepper sprayed in the face. (Yes you read that right and trust us we were livid too)

Jude’s act wasn’t in vain though because this allows Monte (former principal) to see what awful things Stratos and Drew are up too, causing her to revoke her decision to resign once again making her the principal of Achor Beach (making the vote to turn AB into a private school null and void, so yes there’s still hope.

The last topic we have to discuss is Jesus and his whereabouts. Last we saw Jesus he was running off to who knows where in the pouring rain after he over heard the crowd of students talking about Emma’s abortion. We quickly learn he’s headed home and when he arrives he takes a baseball bat to all of Brandon’s prize possessions (except his keyboard) thank goodness Gabe stopped him when he did.
Jesus Gabe and Anna are all sat on the couch and that’s when Jesus reveals to his parents why he’s so angry with his brother. Moments later Brandon and Emma arrive home only to tell Jesus that they never slept together and Brandon wasn’t the father of Emma’s baby.

This scene pulled on our heartstrings especially in the moment where Jesus says “but I had a dream Emma told me you two were together… I guess just because you have a dream doesn’t mean it really happened” It’s here where the viewers start to realize how bad Jesus’ TBI (traumatic brain injury) really is and all we can hope is that he gets better.

That just about wraps up the season 5 premiere and its main points. Did you guys enjoy the season opener? Let us know in the comments.

It would seem that season 5 will focus more on Jesus’ TBI, more self-discovery for Callie and of course the Achor beach’s future. If you liked this recap then we java good news for you! You can expect one for every single ep throughout the season so be sure to join in on the fun and Happy watching!