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[Review] UP TV’s Date My Dad Addresses Bullying With Family-Focused Episode



The issue of bullying is very real in our modern society. What many generations considered bullying in decades past has evolved into something that no longer ends on the schoolyard. With our digital world, the bullying now follows students home in their pocket. While many shows have tried to tackle the issue from many different perspectives (some of which have been very controversial recently). UP TV’s family-friendly approach was able to address the seriousness of the topic while still remaining age appropriate for younger viewers.

Friday’s emotional episode of ‘Date My Dad’ used two different storylines within the episode to highlight two different types of bullying. First, the traditional school bullying we are used to seeing with Elisa Cooper (played by Lilah Fitzgerald) having to deal with a jealous classmate who acts out because she likes the same boy. And second, the more modern and relevant issue of cyber-bullying when Mirabel Cooper (played by Zenia Marshall) becomes the target of trolls after becoming a viral sensation thanks to her makeup tutorials.

The producers of ‘Date My Dad’ were smart and did something with their storyline with Elisa that many anti-bullying shows fail to do and that was to also show the perspective of the bully herself and gave a solid backstory and ultimately redemption.

Date My Dad’ is UP TV’s newest series and is the network’s first original scripted series. UP, Whose slogan is ‘We get family’ lives up to the tagline with the new series. Portraying a realistic and modern family dealing with the loss of a mother, a dad left to raise his three daughters on his own while juggling a job and trying to reenter the dating scene. All the while the family shows unconditional love for each other while still dealing with the issues youth face.

The series is underrated and while it has seen the growth of a very loyal fanbase thanks to social media, this series has yet to get the proper recognition it deserves in my personal opinion. ‘Date My Dad’ has all the elements that make a good family series and is supported by UP TV one of the most dedicated and heartfelt networks today. UP has a wonderful team who are dedicated to bringing uplifting programming to a world in need of hope. It’s our experience with UP that has shown us they really do care about the content they present to their viewers.

As the season gets closer to an end we encourage you to watch the series. It’s only through your support that we will see the possibility of a second season. ‘Date My Dad’ has just started to blossom and needs more than one season to truly show what it’s capable of which we here at Trevor Decker News believe is a lot!

7th Heaven alum Barry Watson leads a great cast full of talented actors. The dynamic between Watson’s character Ricky Cooper and his three daughters is heartwarming and inspiring. It will melt your heart as you watch a loving father truly struggle to do the right thing.

Date My Dad’ airs Friday nights at 9pm ET on UP tv. You can catch up on the season now on demand! We promise you will fall in love with the #Cooperfamily!



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