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Paramore Drops Music Video For “Told You So” & Announces First Televised Performance In 4 Years

If you’re like us and are Paramore fans then it has been an emotional whirlwind of a week for you. Just last week the band released their music video for “Hard times” the first new music from the band since 2013.

Yesterday the Nashville natives gave us yet another surprise. The trio premiered their song “Told you so” exclusively on Beats1 Radio with Zane Lowe and then simultaneously dropped the music video which already has over 2 million views in just one day.

The video was directed by drummer Zac Farro and friend of the band Aaron Joseph. In a recent interview with FADDER, the band discussed the feel behind the music video. Frontwoman Hayley Williams recalls the drives the band would take during the recording of this album. Mentioning how that fellow band mate Zac Farro noticed how sad she was during the recording process but it was the drives that made her most happiest. That’s what they wanted to capture going into the music video.

The video much like hard times has an 80’s vibe to it. Some fans even believe the videos are connected.
One theory sent into us by Michelle Infante explains how

“Something I noticed about Paramore’s latest videos…in Hard Times Haley wore red..and Zac and Taylor wore blue and yellow..and in Told You So as explained by Zac and Hayley..they’re showcasing their unity in the car scenes…So now they’re all wearing red…like Hard Times was showing the struggles Haley was going through and Told You So is them being like..we’re here for you friend.”

What do you guys think about this theory? Do you have your own interpretation of the music video?

On May 17th the band will be in Los Angeles promoting their new album with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel live making it the band’s first official televised performance in four years.

The 5th studio album from Paramore titled After Laughter drops in just 8 days but you can pre-Order the album on iTunes, Google, and Amazon music now. After Laughter album bundles are also available on the band’s official site paramore.net

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