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The 2nd Video In The Ballad Of Jessica Blue Is Released (Anybody’s You By: Christina Grimmie 

It’s been one week since the first video (Snow White) in the Ballad of Jessica Blue series was released. To say that it was an emotional roller coaster for Team Grimmie would be an understatement.

Now here we are one week later and the 2nd (Anybody’s you) of 4 videos is ready for our eyes and ears. Prepare yourselves, get comfortable and get the tissues because odds are you’ll need them.

The video picks up right where the first one left off. We see Jessica (played by Christina) get into her car and drive to a mysterious building that’s all kinds of artsy.  There’s a moment where she sings on the foot of the staircase and another where there’s just a wide shot of her standing in the hallway… It’s beautiful really.

Eventually, Jessica finds herself at the rooftop where her boyfriend Luke is seen with another woman (who’s also played by Christina) then there’s this really tense moment where both girls lock eyes with one another and Christina hits those high notes we all know and love.

The video then cuts to Jessica at home. She’s visually upset and is packing her things. Here we have a conversation between her and her mom. Her mom asks what is it, Jessica? To which she replies ” I don’t know. it’s not my boyfriend,  it’s not my crap paying job, it’s not my showcase because everyone knows I’m going to bomb that too. Maybe it’s me. Then her mom says “it’s always us Jessica”

The whole scene is pretty intense and in it Christina definitely shows off her acting chops. The video cuts there and now we patiently wait for the 3rd one (Deception) which will be released August 25h via ZeldaXLove64 on YouTube.

In an interview, Christina once said that in her career it was her mission to inspire. Well, rest assure you beautiful soul… Mission accomplished

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