Alessia Cara: Releases Inspirational Video For Scars To Your Beautiful 

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If you’ve been following this site for any amount of time this year you would know that we are fans of the birthday girl Alessia Cara. She was our hidden gem in music featured artist for January. With songs like Wild things and here you quickly discover that Alessia is an artist that isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand for what she believes in.

That is no different with her single Scars to your beautiful. It’s music video dropped today and it is aw inspiring.
The song with lyrics like

She just wants to be beautiful

She goes unnoticed, she knows no limits

She craves attention, she praises an image

She prays to be sculpted by the sculptor

Oh, she don’t see the light that’s shining

Deeper than the eyes can find it

Maybe we have made her blind

So she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away

‘Cause cover girls don’t cry after their face is made

The song drives home the message that everyone is beautiful, regardless of gender, race, age, religion or sexual orientation, and the music video paints that picture perfectly.

Cara speaks to the message gunny your scars whether they be physical or emotional ones make you who you are. It’s an inspiring anthem and we here are salute Alessia for all that she stands for


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