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Adventures In Babysitting (Review)



Weather you’re an 80’s baby or not it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ve seen the original film Adventures in Babysitting that was released in 1987 at least once. (We’ve seen in multiple times and are not ashamed)

When we first heard that one of our childhood favorites was getting a remake of course we were excited but we had our reservations as well. I mean when you love something as much as we love AIB you instantly want to protect it.

Luckily for us though John Schultz (director) and Tiffany Paulson (writer) took great care of the beloved classic. Not to mention the incredible cast. Seriously guys Sabrina Carpenter (Jenny) and Sofia Carson’s (Lola) chemistry was awesome.

The fact that  Jenny and Lola couldn’t be anymore different and yet exactly the same played into the film nicely. It really did make the audience at home want to cheer them on as they try and get these kids home safe without any repercussions.

You know how we often hear the expression “everything happens for a reason?” Well it couldn’t be anymore true for this film.

It all starts off when Jenny and Lola both apply for an internship under well known artist Leon Vasquez (Emilio P. Diaz) As mentioned before the girls are polar opposites. Jenny is only applying for the internship so it’ll look good on her records when applying for colleges, where Lola is applying for the love of art and to be able to work with Leon. Not to mention Jenny is that typical goody two shoes (at least at first) and Lola is your rebellious starving artist.

As fate would have it Lola spills her red colored smoothie all over a white carpet in front of Leon no less sending both girls into a panic causing their phones to crash to the floor. Surprisingly Leon isn’t upset, instead he tells the girls he wants to see more from them, and by the end of the weekend he’ll pick one of them as the new intern. In a frantic state the girls end up swapping phones and BAM let the fun begin.

Lola who’s already swarming in parking tickets is reviving yet another one just as she’s leaving Leon’s office. As she’s trying to explain to the officer (who happens to be her type) why he shouldn’t give her a ticket, Jenny’s phone goes off from inside her hand bag. The cop recognizes it as Beethoven and in attempt to make small talk with the officer she picks up the phone so it’ll look like it really is hers.

On the other line is Zack Chase played by Kevin Quinn when Lola answers he mistakes her for Jenny. He proceeds to ask her if she’d go to a concert with him. (Still trying to please the officer Lola says the first thing that comes to mind. In the process she denies Zack’s offer. It may not seem like much except for the fact that Jenny has a huge crush on Zack. Don’t worry all of this will come together.

All the while Jenny keeps getting calls from Hellen Cooper who is attending a gala and is in desperate need for a baby sitter. Lola still posing as Jenny and who is in need of money decides to tell Hellen she knows someone and that someone is her friend Lola.

Lost yet? Now Lola will be babysitting at Coopers and Jenny at her already scheduled night at the Anderson’s. Once Lola gets there she’s already being careless deciding to use the pool. In this time Bobby Cooper starts a fire while backing cupcakes.
The fire is then noticed by the Andersons and they rush over to see what’s going on. Now if you’re all caught up to speed, Jenny, Lola, the Anderson children and Cooper children are all in the same house. Trey Anderson uses this as his opportunity to sneak out of the house.

Much like the original now we have a child out on the town when he shouldn’t be. It’s up to the two babysitters who barely know each other to work together and get everyone back in one piece.

The family dynamics make this film what it is. You have AJ Anderson (Madison Horcher) who loves roller derby and reminds us a lot of Sarah from the original, you have Bobby Cooper (Jet Jurgensmyer) who is an aspiring chief, Emily Cooper who’s a teenage girl trying to find herself through self expression, and Katy Cooper (Mallory James Mahoney) who enjoys the finer things in life. Oh and let’s not forget Trey Anderson.(Max Gecowets) He’s the reason why they’re in this mess but he’s just a boy trying to get to a concert.

Although this film is lighthearted and it’s one the whole family can enjoy it still has its emotional moments. One of our favorites is when we figure out why Emily dyed her hair green. She believed that dying her hair would allow her to stand out and Trey would notice her. Reminding us that our teenage years are some of the hardest.
There’s this really cute moment between Emily and Jenny where the lesson that being yourself is what’s truly important is expressed. The moment wasn’t forced and it truly seemed genuine. Something that Sabrina (Jenny) and Nikki Hahn (Emily) deserve credit for. They definitely had the whole little sister big sister thing going on

The film lives up to its name because it’s exactly that. An adventure. In a film with bad guys, illegal farrets, climbing high places, stealing a car, derby fights, nearly getting arrested,  sneaking into a gala, posing as a professional chief, tattoos, hair dye, and even epic rap battles it truly is one of the best DCOM’s we’ve seen in awhile.

While this remake paid homage to the original (I mean Jenny even wore the same brown petticoat that Chris did in the original) it could definitely be its own film.

In the end everyone gets home safely without any repercussions, the bad guys are caught,  Jenny and Lola form a new friendship. Jenny ends up with Zack,  Lola ends up with officer James, and sparks fly between Emily and Trey.

Sure nobody got to go to the concert that got them into this mess in the first place but all involved experienced the time of their lives. The film reminds us that we only have one life to live, so create moments, take chances, have fun, make sacrifices  and be there for the ones you love.

All and all watching Adventures in Babysitting has been an enjoyable experience. If you haven’t already watched this film what are you waiting for? We promise you won’t regret it.

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