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Hidden Gems in Music: Fit for Rivals 

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Nowadays everything is digital. Instead of going to a record store we just download our music. YouTube has been a huge platform in the discovery of new talent and that’s exactly how we found this months  featured artist in our installment of Hidden Gems in Music.

Fit for Rivals is a 6 piece band out of Jacksonville Florida fronted by Renne Phoenix who has been described as the modern day Joan Jett. In a time where many believe punk rock is dead this band proves that it is alive and well.

With the gritty vocals of Phoenix backed by catchy aggressive guitar rifts and bass lines along with loud and on point drumming Fit for Rivals is the perfect mix of what it takes to be an awesome band.

Their debut album Steady Damage (2008) featured songs like Crash and  hallelujah that was similar sounding to Phoenix’s former band The Explicits, instantly making them a band to pay attention to.
Since their inception they have toured with bands like Flyleaf and have played on festivals like Carolina Rebellion and Welcome to Rockville.

In 2015 they released their EP Sugar that featured songs like Freak Machine and Light that Shines. They have yet to release new music since then but promise to have new music out this year. We’re no fortune tellers but we have a strong feeling it’s going to be good.

With new music comes tours so if you have a chance to see this band live don’t sleep on it. Renee Phoenix once said in an interview that she wants to continue what Joan Jett started and they are well on their way.

Watch out world Rivals is aiming for world domination so jump on bored before its to late. Don’t get left behind.

To keep up to date with everything Fit for Rivals you can like their official Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter @fitforrivals you can also fallow Renee Phoenix @iamreneephoenix

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