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Watch Beau Dermott, 12 Year Old Britain’s Got Talent Contestant Amaze The Judges

In this day and age YouTube has become the platform for discovering the next big thing. More often then not its a video of someone in their bedroom strumming away on their guitar. However there are those rare cases when you stumble upon a video of a televised talent show and find a talent that’s too good not to share.

Living in  America it’s not often that we’re exposed to British TV so when we here at TrevorDecker.com stumbled upon this clip we felt like we had won the lottery and now it’s our duty to share it with you.

Her name is Beau Dermott a 12 year old that has a voice of a superstar. Like seriously how does someone that small have a voice THIS BIG? It’s absolutely incredible. When she stepped  on the Britans Got Talent stage although she said she was nervous there was no signs of that when she started singing.

From the moment she opens her mouth this rendition of “Defying Gravity” from the hit musical “WICKED” is goosebumps worthy. To no surprise the Golden button was hit making sure that Beau will go straight to the live performances to earn the votes of the viewers in hopes of becoming the next British sensation.

We as a team are honored to follow this special talent throughout her BGT journey and we sincerely hope that all of you will join in on the ride. Trust us you won’t want to get left behind for this one.

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