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Bindi Irwin’s DWTS Tribute To Her Father Brought Us To Tears

Bindi Irwin and her Dancing With The Stars partner Derek Hough left us all in tears with their performance this week. For “Most Memorable Year” week Bindi picked 2006, the year her father Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray. Bindi moved everyone to tears even crew members when footage from rehearsl showed the wildlife worrier brought to tears while recalling memories of her late father.

“I wish that he could fully understand what he’s done for me, and that I miss him,” she said to the camera, and we knew there was literally no way we were making it through this without totally losing it.

The judges were even brought to tears as they all assured her that her dad was indeed watching and was proud of her. Bruno’s “10” score caused Bindi to hug him and the judges. Team Crikey officially received┬áthe highest score of the night.

“This dance is for my dad, and for my family, and for everyone back at home, but for my dad,” Bindi said through tears. “This is for him.”

TrevorDecker.com warned readers that it would be a tear-jerker this weekend when we reposted a message from Derek Hough on our Facebook page

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