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Faking it: Future Tense (recap)

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

 It’s that time of the week again where I bring you a recap of this weeks episode of Faking it. In the 13th episode of season 2 the writers made sure to hit us with all of the feels. I found myself almost leaking from the eyes twice during this episode, and I even felt kinda bad for Liam. That’s saying something.

Let’s get the show on the road. This weeks episode opens up with former Hester high principal Penelope leading a yoga session. In this scene we discover that Shane is insecure  abort his boyfriend Duke being on Stubble (an app for gay men) moments later it cuts to a scene with Duke and Shane agreeing to being in an open relationship but watching you can tell Shane has some reservations.

Meanwhile Karma confronts Amy about her situation with Reagan. Amy assures Karma that she is going to tell Reagan the truth about her sexuality as soon as the school day ends. Once Amy is actually at Reagan’s apartment it’s apparent that there is tension in the air. Not only is Amy having trouble finding the words but Reagan’s roommate is right next to them. Of course Amy wants privacy but Reagan tells her I live with 5 other people there’s no such thing as privacy. Amy can’t quite form the words whether that’s because she’s scared or straight out uncomfortable isn’t known now before she can confess Reagan calls her an (explicit) coward and tells her she knows about Liam. Amy tries defusing the sitiuation by saying it was a one time thing and that she really is lesbian. Reagan urges Amy to prove it and then it’s a full blown make out session as Reagan’s roommate proceeds to watch. This was one of the few funny moments of this episode.

Then we move to a scene when Jackson Lee is back. Jackson was a part of the first half of season two when he attempted to recruit Liam into a fancy art program that Liam failed to capitalize on. Once Jackson is back he tells Liam that he wants him to be a part of a summer art program. Liam who is trying to hold up his end of the deal that he made with his “dad” refuses the offer but Jaksom tells him to think about it”

Next we move on to what I assume is career day. Amy and Karma rush to a booth for Clement  university.  It’s the school that the bff’s have been dreaming about attending ever since they were little. They talk to a rep from the school and they find out that housing is free all they have to do is fill out an application and hope they get picked.

It’s here where we realize that our favorite pair of best friends are not all that interesting, so what do they do? They decide to fake it because after all they are good at it right?
This scene is followed by a very badly staged video from the besties pretending to be organic food growers. They even use the juice truck in the video for good measure. Once the video is over Felix tells the girls that the it’s not believable and Amy can’t act to save her her life to which Amy argues saying I can to act I made you believe I was attracted to you. Felix follows up her statement by saying you couldn’t of been acting you’re not that good. This raises Karma’s suspensions so she asks Felix if she can have a moment alone with Amy. Karma flat out ask Amy if she’s attracted to Felix and Amy quickly denies.

Continuing with the Liam situation. He starts wondering why Jackson is so adamant on him joining the art program. The wheels start turning in his head. Could Jackson be Liams’ real dad? Liam even goes as far to looking at older yearbooks. When Liam confronts Jackson about his suspensions he’s quickly disappointed when Jackson informs him that he figured if he was Liams’ mentor he would be on his dad’s good side and quite possibly get a job at Squirkal.

Back at the school Lauren is trying to impress the rep of Clement university but twerling a flaming baton. In a failed attempt she drops it causing Theo who is now back at Hester since his commanding officer thought it be best after him getting outted, comes to her aid putting out the flames. This visibly upsets Lauen but she has other things to worry about. She asks the rep if she wants her to do the routine again but the rep tells her that won’t be needed because she already thinks she makes a perfect candidate. Lauren with a smile says was it my never quit attitude? The rep informs Lauen that she understands that Lauren is the first out intersex student and diversity is what CU is all about. This moment was heartbreaking because you can tell Lauren still sees her condition as a negative thing as oppose to positive.

Proceeding with the Amy and Reagan situation we’re back at Amy’s house where the camera cuts to a shaking bed so I’m sure Reamy fans just about lost their minds with the possibility of what could’ve been happening. That fire is quickly put out though when we find out it’s just Reagan jumping up and down with excitement over her band going on tour. Reagan expresses her happiness but she says it would be better if Amy went on tour with her. The conversation is interrupted by a phone call from karma telling Amy they need to finish their applications. Amy tells Karma that she’s going on tour with Reagan  and quickly dismisses the because there’s other things on Amy’s mind other then collage applications if you know what I mean.

This is where the Reagan and Amy situation gets complicated though and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking because now Karma is at Amy’s house showing her a video from when they were younger. She tells Amy that she knows she’s always wanted collage and that she needs to be honest with Reagan about her sexuality. This upsets Amy and she lashes out on Karma asking her why she’s so against her being a lesbian to which Karma replies because I don’t want you being something you’re not for somebody else. I’m sure viewers will agree when I say this moment was intense.

Meanwhile Lauren has captured Theo and she demands to know why he likes her. He tells her It’s because she’s beautiful, badass and she doesn’t care what people think. She’s apparently heard enough because she lip locks him. Does this mean that Lauen and Theo are back together? I think so.

Warning this next scene was the one that almost made me loose my tears so it may do the same for you. Back at Reagan’s apartment she’s telling Amy about all the places they’ll see during the tour, Amy cuts her off by telling her she’s not going on the tour. Reagan upset asks her if Karma  talked her out of it but she says no. Amy finally lets out the truth saying I’m a sexually confused girl who wants to go to collage. Reagan says they’re at two different places of their lives and she doesn’t know how she’s going to get over her. Yep you read it right Reamy is no more and it was the saddest thing ever. I think anyone who’s ever struggled with their sexually related to this scene.

In the meantime things are getting hot and heavy between Duke and Shane. It’s here where Duke confesses the only reason he agreed to be in an open relationship is because he thought that’s what Shane wanted. It’s also reviled that they are both on stubble all the time only to see if the other one is. Duke shows his soft side by telling Shane when he was outted and lost his sponsorship that Shane was the only one there for him and he loves him. Yep Duke used the L word. This more then likely forshadows that Shane’s guilt will eventually lead to him telling Duke he’s the one that outted him.

The episode closes with Amy crying in bed cuddling with Karma. She assures Amy that maybe someday her and Reagan will be in the same place and ready for each other again. I’m sure it was a moment that had the Karmy shippers going insane.

That’s it for this weeks episode. Next week  teases that there may be an affair happening involving one of   Amy and Lauren’s parents and the sisters plan a stake out. Only time will tell. Until next time. See you guys again next week for another Faking it recap

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