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Faking it: The Revengers Age of Monocle (recap)

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Roofies, outings, confessions and heartbreaks oh my! This weeks episode of Faking it was insanely good. Let’s begin shall we?
This weeks episode opens with Karma and her hipster mother trying to fill out online résumés. It is here where we realize that Karma’s mom has no prior job experience making their living in the back of a juice truck situation all the more complicated.
Then we cut to a scene between Reagan and Amy. Yes Reamy fans rejoice because the lovely couple is back for our viewing pleasure. During this conversation Regan expresses how she’s going to miss Amy when she has to go back to work. It is here where Regan remembers that her catering job is short a waiter and implies that Amy should apply. Before Amy can form an answer in walks her BFF. Amy who is trying to avoid spending time with Regan mentions the catering position to Karma and of course struggling Karma runs with the idea.
Once at the catering event Karma is informed that she is a Sweeper rather then a waiter. In the faking it world a sweeper is what’s commonly known as a bus boy. Oh and by the way the event is for Squirkel which means, yep you guessed it Liam is at the event!!! Things are about to get a little crazy.
Remember guys Liam is unaware of Karma’s current situation so she spends most of the time trying to avoid him but that’s short lived. They run into each other and Liam straight away questions why a shirtless Felix was in her room. Karma tells Liam that Felix is a friend just like him and that Liam should have other friends too Liam is now under the impression that Felix is also a friend with benefits. He says he’s not bothered by the idea but those of us watching can see that’s not the tuth. He downplays his feelings by introducing Zeta to Karma as his special friend. Karma too acts like she’s not bothered by this piece of info (that’s also a lie) and again the viewers know that’s the furthest from the truth. Seriously guys what’s wrong with these two?

In the midst of all the Karma and Liam drama our suspicions are confined that Luaren clearly isn’t over Theo. she’s wearing a hoodie, listening to hard rock music and her room looks like an investigation scene straight out of Law and order SVU. Amy and Shane being the loving supports they are offer to help Lauren get back at Theo by outting him as a narc in front of the new school he’s been assigned too.

At  the Squirkal party. Not only are things awkward for Karma but the situation becomes unsettling for Reqgan as well when she realizes her ex girlfriend who left her for a guy is also working the event. Oh and not to mention the guy she left her for is also there. Then the unthinkable happens Karma and Reagan join forces to get revenge on their exes. These two need a ship name… Perhaps Kegan can be one?? Come on guys lets make that a thing! Yes? No?? Maybe so??? Ok back to the episode at hand.

Reagan then decides to drop a roofie into Liam’s drink but before he can even drink it Zeta tells Karma that her and Liam are not hooking up and that he only has eyes for her. In attempt to stop Liam from drinking his roofie water Liam’s dad ends up drinking it instead. Seconds later Mr. Booker is trashed and now Liam has to give the presentation on squikals newest device. Liam botches the speech then decides to wing it and to his surprise the crowd loved it.

Once the speech is over Karma tells Liam that she knows Zeta and him arnt hooking up.She also tells him she knows that Liam quit art for her and that her and Felix are also not hooking up and that she would explain more later. This then leads to a weird make out scene between the two where Karma tells him that She has to be in control, so much so that she bounds his hands behind his back with his neck tie.
Meanwhile back at Theo’s new high school Lauren and Shane are posing as cheerleaders where Amy is posing as a Pirate mascot. Lauren takes center stage and just when you think she’s about to out Theo she takes one look at him and walks away, oh but Theo didn’t get off scottfree because Amy takes it upon herself by starting a chant that goes: Give me an N, A, R, C. What does the spell? NARC He’s a narc narc narc.

Back at the Squirkal event After Liam and Karma’s steamy make out session Reagan opens up to Karma telling her that her ex girlfriend used her as a test to find out if she was really into girls or not and that’s why she acted out. She then goes on to say she’s glad she has a girlfriend that has it figured all out.
Next we join Shane, Amy and Lauren sitting on the couch while they eat their feelings always straight out of a Ben and Jerry’s carton. This is where Lauen admits that getting revenge on Theo didn’t make her feel any better.

The episode closes with Karma and Amy having a heart to heart. Karma tells Amy that she needs to tell Reagan the truth about her sexuality to which Amy says what am I suppose to say that I may be attracted to guys and that I had sex with Liam? The camera then pans out to Amy’s bedroom window and we see that Reagan has been listening. We are left only with the look of pain and betrayal written all over Reagan’s face and It was completely heartbreaking.

Next weeks preview teases that Amy will have to prove that she does indeed love Reagan plus more Theo and Lauren drama. I’ll be back here next Monday with another recap of what promises to be another great episode of Faking it

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