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Faking it: The Revengers Age of Monocle (recap)



Roofies, outings, confessions and heartbreaks oh my! This weeks episode of Faking it was insanely good. Let’s begin shall we?
This weeks episode opens with Karma and her hipster mother trying to fill out online résumés. It is here where we realize that Karma’s mom has no prior job experience making their living in the back of a juice truck situation all the more complicated.
Then we cut to a scene between Reagan and Amy. Yes Reamy fans rejoice because the lovely couple is back for our viewing pleasure. During this conversation Regan expresses how she’s going to miss Amy when she has to go back to work. It is here where Regan remembers that her catering job is short a waiter and implies that Amy should apply. Before Amy can form an answer in walks her BFF. Amy who is trying to avoid spending time with Regan mentions the catering position to Karma and of course struggling Karma runs with the idea.
Once at the catering event Karma is informed that she is a Sweeper rather then a waiter. In the faking it world a sweeper is what’s commonly known as a bus boy. Oh and by the way the event is for Squirkel which means, yep you guessed it Liam is at the event!!! Things are about to get a little crazy.
Remember guys Liam is unaware of Karma’s current situation so she spends most of the time trying to avoid him but that’s short lived. They run into each other and Liam straight away questions why a shirtless Felix was in her room. Karma tells Liam that Felix is a friend just like him and that Liam should have other friends too Liam is now under the impression that Felix is also a friend with benefits. He says he’s not bothered by the idea but those of us watching can see that’s not the tuth. He downplays his feelings by introducing Zeta to Karma as his special friend. Karma too acts like she’s not bothered by this piece of info (that’s also a lie) and again the viewers know that’s the furthest from the truth. Seriously guys what’s wrong with these two?

In the midst of all the Karma and Liam drama our suspicions are confined that Luaren clearly isn’t over Theo. she’s wearing a hoodie, listening to hard rock music and her room looks like an investigation scene straight out of Law and order SVU. Amy and Shane being the loving supports they are offer to help Lauren get back at Theo by outting him as a narc in front of the new school he’s been assigned too.

At  the Squirkal party. Not only are things awkward for Karma but the situation becomes unsettling for Reqgan as well when she realizes her ex girlfriend who left her for a guy is also working the event. Oh and not to mention the guy she left her for is also there. Then the unthinkable happens Karma and Reagan join forces to get revenge on their exes. These two need a ship name… Perhaps Kegan can be one?? Come on guys lets make that a thing! Yes? No?? Maybe so??? Ok back to the episode at hand.

Reagan then decides to drop a roofie into Liam’s drink but before he can even drink it Zeta tells Karma that her and Liam are not hooking up and that he only has eyes for her. In attempt to stop Liam from drinking his roofie water Liam’s dad ends up drinking it instead. Seconds later Mr. Booker is trashed and now Liam has to give the presentation on squikals newest device. Liam botches the speech then decides to wing it and to his surprise the crowd loved it.

Once the speech is over Karma tells Liam that she knows Zeta and him arnt hooking up.She also tells him she knows that Liam quit art for her and that her and Felix are also not hooking up and that she would explain more later. This then leads to a weird make out scene between the two where Karma tells him that She has to be in control, so much so that she bounds his hands behind his back with his neck tie.
Meanwhile back at Theo’s new high school Lauren and Shane are posing as cheerleaders where Amy is posing as a Pirate mascot. Lauren takes center stage and just when you think she’s about to out Theo she takes one look at him and walks away, oh but Theo didn’t get off scottfree because Amy takes it upon herself by starting a chant that goes: Give me an N, A, R, C. What does the spell? NARC He’s a narc narc narc.

Back at the Squirkal event After Liam and Karma’s steamy make out session Reagan opens up to Karma telling her that her ex girlfriend used her as a test to find out if she was really into girls or not and that’s why she acted out. She then goes on to say she’s glad she has a girlfriend that has it figured all out.
Next we join Shane, Amy and Lauren sitting on the couch while they eat their feelings always straight out of a Ben and Jerry’s carton. This is where Lauen admits that getting revenge on Theo didn’t make her feel any better.

The episode closes with Karma and Amy having a heart to heart. Karma tells Amy that she needs to tell Reagan the truth about her sexuality to which Amy says what am I suppose to say that I may be attracted to guys and that I had sex with Liam? The camera then pans out to Amy’s bedroom window and we see that Reagan has been listening. We are left only with the look of pain and betrayal written all over Reagan’s face and It was completely heartbreaking.

Next weeks preview teases that Amy will have to prove that she does indeed love Reagan plus more Theo and Lauren drama. I’ll be back here next Monday with another recap of what promises to be another great episode of Faking it

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Faking it

Faking it creator Carter Covington reveals what would’ve happened had faking it continued 



Yesterday  was a sad day for the Faking It fandom as it served as the series final of the show after MTV decided not to renew the ground breaking series after just two years and 3 seasons.

The final had a happy ending, Amy and Sabrina worked things out, Karma started a new romance with Felix, Shane and Noah worked passed their differences and sparks flew when Liam and Lauen shared a kiss.
Still it left us with more questions then answers. Perhaps the biggest one of them all was “Is Karmy really endgame?”

Well thanks to an exclusive with The Hollywood reporter. The show’s creator Carter Covington was able to give the small but loyal fan base some closure. In a heartfelt letter to the fans he went on to say

It was always my intention to make “Karmy” happen during our final season. Karma would finally realize that her possessiveness of Amy might be a sign of deeper feelings for her best friend. She’d struggle to share these feelings with Amy, knowing she couldn’t lead Amy on again unless she was sure. Unable to let another chance go by, Karma would impetuously kiss Amy, and a fresh “Whoa …”/”I know …” moment would spark this new phase of their relationship. If this makes you deliriously happy, then please stop reading and let this be the ending in your mind.

He continued saying

How satisfying it would have been to finally see Karma and Amy as a true couple! There would have been lots of kisses, none of them dreams! But slowly it would have become clear that in becoming a couple, the two of them had lost something that made them … them. Eventually, they would both realize they’d have to sacrifice their relationship to save their friendship. The series would have ended with Karma and Amy’s life goals intact: roommates in college, houses next door to each other, best friends forever. That is what Karmy always meant to me.

So there you have it no matter which way you look at it Karmy was and always will be endgame.

He concluded by saying

I’m sorry I won’t get to tell that story (though many fans may be relieved I didn’t). I’m sorry we won’t get to explore Liam and Lauren’s surprising romance. Or to watch Shane and Noah’s relationship deepen. I’ll miss Principal Penelope, Farrah and Bruce, Molly and Lucas … and, of course, Diane. I’ll always wonder what happened to Lisbeth and Leila, and Reagan, and Theo and Duke. I’ll miss Hester High and all of its quirks. But what I’ll miss most of all is working with an amazing group of artists to deliver this message of self-acceptance and love to our fans around the world. This show healed me, and I hope it healed some of you, too. I’m deeply grateful to MTV, our amazing cast, writers and crew and all of you fans for a truly special experience

You can read Carter’s full letter here

On behalf of the whole Faking it fandom we would like to say thank you for the incredible two year journey. The show may be over but the characters will live in our hearts forever.

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Faking it

MTV Cancels Faking it After 3 Seasons 



Some sad news for the KarmyArmy, shippers of Kiam and even Booper fans. We have learned via TVline that MTV has decided to ax popular series Faking it after just 3 seasons.

Faking it told the story of two best friends Karma Ashcroft and Amy Rudenfeld pretending to be lesbians just to gain popularity and end up getting nominated for homecoming king and Queen. In the mist of all that drama Amy discovered that she had true feelings for her best friend. The show was about self discovery, true love, getting rid of labels, and all the issues of high school life.

Faking it made history in its two year inception by introducing tv’s fiest intersex character Lauren Cooper played by Bailey De Yong. When it was revealed that Lauren was intersex (born with male chromosomes but has appearance of female) it opened up a door of conversation and acception to intersex individuals.

Perhaps the saddest part of this premature series final is that fans of the show never got to see what would’ve happened if Karma and Amy actually be came a thing. Show creator Carter Covington had this to say

That will always be my sole regret: that I never got to explore Karma and Amy together. I never got to look inward at Karma and have her question her friendship and why it’s so intense and her affection for Amy. I’m sad that I won’t get chance to do that. I felt like fans really deserved that and I’m sad they won’t get that.”

He went on to say

“My hope is that Faking It will be the first show that started what I call the post-gay era on television We always tried to approach the storytelling as coming from a place beyond coming out stories and really exploring the lives of all of our characters, regardless of their sexuality. My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward. Audiences are ready for shows that don’t focus on characters’ differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.”

Because MTV owns the rights to the show it kills any hopes of a revival. As personal fans of the show its a sad day but we would like to thank Carter Covington Rita Volk (Amy) Katie Stevens (Karma) Michael Willet (Shane) Greg Sulkin (Liam) Bailey De young (Lauren) and the entire cast and everyone who had a part of this ground breaking show. Thanks for the memories.

Series creator Carter Covington promised via Twitter that he will reveal what was suppose to happen after the series final concludes. The final will air on Tuesday May 17th at 10PM on MTV

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Faking it

Faking it: Boiling Point (Recap)



 If you’re a fan of classic pop culture films then you definitely appreciated this weeks episode of Faking it. This weeks episode paid homage to the cult classic The Breakfast Club and it was great.

Having a diverse group of kids in detention that not only have their fair share of secrets but are in some ways a tight nit group of friends made it all the more perfect, and just like the Breakfast Club this episode was intense on the emotional leval.

Even though the reason for all of them being in detention in the first place was never really revealed it didn’t take away from the drama that unfolded in just a short 30 mins. (I know I can’t be the only one who wants this show to get a longer runtime).

Crap hit the fan quickly in this episode. It was finally put out in the open that Karma has yet to forgive Amy and Liam for their drunken hook up. It was also revealed that Liam’s dad gave Karma a check so that she would stay away from Liam, Liam admitted to Zeta kissing  him,  Lauren let it be known that Amy’s dad was back in the picture and Karma wasn’t thrilled. Amy pretty much confirmed the only feelings that matter are Karmas. I’m telling you a lot happened. Not to mention Theo and Lauren were caught making out in the hallway by Amy and Karma.

Let’s get down to the meat of the episode though shall we? Throughout the whole episode Shane is munching away at a pile of chocolate. Chocolate doesn’t take away all the pain though because he eventually breaks down daying that he’s the one who outted Amy and Karma as a couple, he’s the one who that outted Duke. He says he outs people and he’s a horrible person. Of course all his friends assured him that he’s not a horrible person and they come up with a plan for Shane to explain everything to Duke before he gets on the plane to leave.

Yes, what would a Breakfast Club parody be without a great escape. Luckily Felix is also in detention and with his dad being the principal and all he decides to have a sex Ed filled talk as a distraction so the rest of the group can get out unnoticed. The coolest part about the whole escape plan in my opinion was that Theo’s cop car was the getaway vehicle.

They all make it to the airport. Amy apparently is car sick so Theo leaves the car to fetch her some water, Amy feels like she’s going to loose her lunch so she aborts the car in a hurry, leaving  only Liam, Karma and Lauren in the car. Lauen being the brilliant soul she is can feel the awkwardness so she decides to flee the car as well.
If you’re keeping score at home they know leaves just Kiam in the car. The two have a conversation about the check. Karma admits she thought about cashing it but she ultimately gives it back to Liam. Meanwhile Amy and Lauren have a sweet conversation where Lauren says she’s not going to tell her dad about Amy’s mom having an affair because she actually likes this whole step sister thing. 

That’s not the only heartfelt conversation Amy has this episode though because her and Karma have a conversation about her astranged dad. Karma asks why didn’t Amy tell her about him being back and Amy says its because she knows that she wouldn’t of been happy. Karma explains that she’s only hard on Amy’s dad because he just comes and leaves as he pleases.

Now on to Duke and Shane. As much as Shane pleaded with Duke to satay Duke says he can’t and gets in the limo and leaves. Oh no, Duke and Shane are splitsville.

The episode ends with Liam setting up a trail of sticky notes in his dad’s office at Squirkal that leads to the check with fu** you written on it. Overall this episode was enjoyable. Next weeks episode teases a bunch of Karmy moments so it shall be good.
Until next time, see you guys next week.

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Faking it

Faking it: Saturday Fight Live (recap)




 It’s that time of the week again where I bring you a recap of this weeks Faking it episode. As per usual the episode had its WTF moments and as always delivered for the fans watching.

This weeks episode opens with Karmy in bed spooning. (Yep you read that right) all is right in the world, well that is until Karma wakes up and rudely wakes up Amy from her slumber just to get out of the awkward position. Geez Karma you know it’s perfectly normal to cuddle with your bestie right?

Amy is sulking in her sadness about her recent break up with Reagan. All she wants to do is stay in bed and watch Netflix (ummm I volunteer as tribute) but Karma has other plans. She gets dressed in a hurry brcause apparently plans were made to have coffee with  Duke and Shane.(Gosh I would like these plans so much more if it was a double date.)Amy says she can’t handle any more mushy stuff or she’s gonna throw up so she elects to stay behind.

Meanwhile Lauren and Theo are having a phone conversation telling each other how much they miss each other’s face and lips. Lauren expresses how she wishes they could make out in public but it would be bad for both of them since Hester high hates him. The conversation ends with Theo telling Lauren he left a note for her on the back porch. Before Lauren can get to it though Amy beats her to it and comes to the conclusion that her mom must be having an affair.

I found this whole story of this episode a bit weird. Not only was Lauren hiding the fact that the note was from Theo but the sisters are on opposite sides of what you would expect them to be. I mean Amy thinks her mom’s the cheating one and Lauren thinks it’s her dad that’s the cheater (just in case you keeping score at home Amy and Lauren are step sisters.)

Lauen tells Amy that she just can’t assume there’s cheating going on and they need proof. So Amy decides to start digging through the dirty  laundry (literally) and sure enough she finds a hotel key card.

At the coffee date of course Karma is the third wheel brcause Shane and Duke pretty much spend the whole time sucking face. Don’t think things could get anymore awkward for Karma? Wrong, because then Liam AND Zeta show up. During the date Shane says how excited he is to see his boyfriend make his professional MMA debut. He suggest that they all pitch in so they can watch the fight on TV to which Zeta says or we can all fly to LA on my privite jet.

The group agrees with the plan so of course they need to dress for the occasion. Zeta takes Karma dress shopping. Karma quickly becomes hesitant about the dress she is trying on brcause of the price but Zeta tells her money is the last thing she needs to worry about. That’s when it becomes clear to Karma that Liam must’ve told Zeta about her money problem. Zeta confirms those suspicions by telling Karma that work gets boring so her and Liam just blab which is why she thought the trip would be good for her and Liam especially with Liam finding out the guy he thought was his dad only cared about money. Obviously this is news to Karma because she gives a look of surprise and being uncomfortable.

One of the cooler parts of the show in my opinion was the scene at Dukes fight weigh in because MTV used a real fight promotion in Bellator MMA so the fight fan in me had a little fan girl moment. It is here where Shane meets Dukes publicist and there’s an awkward moment when she finds out that Shane is still in High School.

Back at Amy and Lauen’s house during dinner they both begin interrogating their parents without making it bluntly obvious that they know about the affair but the parents don’t slip up. Instead they both make an excuse about having to handle work business and they both leave. The sisters contemplate on who to fallow and ultimately Amy says they shouldn’t fallow neither and they should just have a stake out.

At the hotel Amy’s mom is the one who arrives. This infuriates Lauren so she marches out of the car  with Amy in toe and proceeds to bang on the  door demanding it to be open or she’ll drive her car through it. (see this right here is why I love Lauen so much)

The door opens and behind it is the mystery man that also doubles as AMY’s DAD. (Holy crap guys after nearly two full seasons we finally get to see who Amy’s dad is) (BUT WHY THE HELL IS HE WITH LAUREN’s MOM)

It’s the night  of Dukes fight. Of course Shane is super nervous and Liam assures him Duke is going to fine. Right as the group is taking pictures  and what not Zeta steals  Liam away from Karma leaving her alone just looking on like a sad little puppy. As all this is happening Shane is confronted by Dukes publicist again and she tells him he’s not interesting enough and it’s better that he isn’t seen with Duke in public because it makes Duke less desirable. Shane argues with the publicist saying that Duke won’t agree with this but she tells him her and Duke already discussed it.

Duke is about to make his way to the octagon when an upset Shane tells him that he’s let the fame and the paparazzi  get to him and if he knew that it was going to be this way he would’ve never outted him. YEP Shane let it slip that he was the one who outted Duke, but wait it gets crazier brcause then an upset Duke gets in Shane’s face and tells him that when  his publicist brought up the idea of hiding Shane was discussed he told her no. Uh oh can we all agree that Shane messed up BIG TIME.

The closing moment of the episode shows an upset Karma alone in the parking lot Liam then joins her explaining how he didn’t want money to be an issue. Karma then tells Liam that it’s not just about the money.  She explains that it hurt her that he told Zeta about his dad issues and not her. Liam then says he doesn’t know what he can or can not tell her brcause he doesn’t know what they are. Karma brings up the fact that its been complicated ever since she found out about him and Amy sleeping together. An upset Liam says that he doesn’t know how many times he has to say sorry about that and that he really wants to be with Karma. Karma is too emotional to handle the situation so she storms off. Errrr I think this mans Kiam is no more? (THANK GOD!)Zeta then joins Liam in the lot asking him if they broke up to which he says once again I’m not sure what we are. Zeta proceeds to ask him what do you want. Liam must not know anything because he answers this with an I don’t know This scene gets even more insane because OUT OF NOWHERE Zeta grabs Liam’s face and makes out with him…. Like what the hell… I thought Zeta didn’t like him? (Oh well as long as this keeps Liam away from Karma I’m all for it.)
That’s it for this weeks episode. The  teaser for next week implies that we are going to see Faking it’s version of The Breakfast Club and I’m so excited about it! Until next time folks, I’ll be back here same time, same place for an all new Faking it recap.

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Faking it

Faking it: Future Tense (recap)



 It’s that time of the week again where I bring you a recap of this weeks episode of Faking it. In the 13th episode of season 2 the writers made sure to hit us with all of the feels. I found myself almost leaking from the eyes twice during this episode, and I even felt kinda bad for Liam. That’s saying something.

Let’s get the show on the road. This weeks episode opens up with former Hester high principal Penelope leading a yoga session. In this scene we discover that Shane is insecure  abort his boyfriend Duke being on Stubble (an app for gay men) moments later it cuts to a scene with Duke and Shane agreeing to being in an open relationship but watching you can tell Shane has some reservations.

Meanwhile Karma confronts Amy about her situation with Reagan. Amy assures Karma that she is going to tell Reagan the truth about her sexuality as soon as the school day ends. Once Amy is actually at Reagan’s apartment it’s apparent that there is tension in the air. Not only is Amy having trouble finding the words but Reagan’s roommate is right next to them. Of course Amy wants privacy but Reagan tells her I live with 5 other people there’s no such thing as privacy. Amy can’t quite form the words whether that’s because she’s scared or straight out uncomfortable isn’t known now before she can confess Reagan calls her an (explicit) coward and tells her she knows about Liam. Amy tries defusing the sitiuation by saying it was a one time thing and that she really is lesbian. Reagan urges Amy to prove it and then it’s a full blown make out session as Reagan’s roommate proceeds to watch. This was one of the few funny moments of this episode.

Then we move to a scene when Jackson Lee is back. Jackson was a part of the first half of season two when he attempted to recruit Liam into a fancy art program that Liam failed to capitalize on. Once Jackson is back he tells Liam that he wants him to be a part of a summer art program. Liam who is trying to hold up his end of the deal that he made with his “dad” refuses the offer but Jaksom tells him to think about it”

Next we move on to what I assume is career day. Amy and Karma rush to a booth for Clement  university.  It’s the school that the bff’s have been dreaming about attending ever since they were little. They talk to a rep from the school and they find out that housing is free all they have to do is fill out an application and hope they get picked.

It’s here where we realize that our favorite pair of best friends are not all that interesting, so what do they do? They decide to fake it because after all they are good at it right?
This scene is followed by a very badly staged video from the besties pretending to be organic food growers. They even use the juice truck in the video for good measure. Once the video is over Felix tells the girls that the it’s not believable and Amy can’t act to save her her life to which Amy argues saying I can to act I made you believe I was attracted to you. Felix follows up her statement by saying you couldn’t of been acting you’re not that good. This raises Karma’s suspensions so she asks Felix if she can have a moment alone with Amy. Karma flat out ask Amy if she’s attracted to Felix and Amy quickly denies.

Continuing with the Liam situation. He starts wondering why Jackson is so adamant on him joining the art program. The wheels start turning in his head. Could Jackson be Liams’ real dad? Liam even goes as far to looking at older yearbooks. When Liam confronts Jackson about his suspensions he’s quickly disappointed when Jackson informs him that he figured if he was Liams’ mentor he would be on his dad’s good side and quite possibly get a job at Squirkal.

Back at the school Lauren is trying to impress the rep of Clement university but twerling a flaming baton. In a failed attempt she drops it causing Theo who is now back at Hester since his commanding officer thought it be best after him getting outted, comes to her aid putting out the flames. This visibly upsets Lauen but she has other things to worry about. She asks the rep if she wants her to do the routine again but the rep tells her that won’t be needed because she already thinks she makes a perfect candidate. Lauren with a smile says was it my never quit attitude? The rep informs Lauen that she understands that Lauren is the first out intersex student and diversity is what CU is all about. This moment was heartbreaking because you can tell Lauren still sees her condition as a negative thing as oppose to positive.

Proceeding with the Amy and Reagan situation we’re back at Amy’s house where the camera cuts to a shaking bed so I’m sure Reamy fans just about lost their minds with the possibility of what could’ve been happening. That fire is quickly put out though when we find out it’s just Reagan jumping up and down with excitement over her band going on tour. Reagan expresses her happiness but she says it would be better if Amy went on tour with her. The conversation is interrupted by a phone call from karma telling Amy they need to finish their applications. Amy tells Karma that she’s going on tour with Reagan  and quickly dismisses the because there’s other things on Amy’s mind other then collage applications if you know what I mean.

This is where the Reagan and Amy situation gets complicated though and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking because now Karma is at Amy’s house showing her a video from when they were younger. She tells Amy that she knows she’s always wanted collage and that she needs to be honest with Reagan about her sexuality. This upsets Amy and she lashes out on Karma asking her why she’s so against her being a lesbian to which Karma replies because I don’t want you being something you’re not for somebody else. I’m sure viewers will agree when I say this moment was intense.

Meanwhile Lauren has captured Theo and she demands to know why he likes her. He tells her It’s because she’s beautiful, badass and she doesn’t care what people think. She’s apparently heard enough because she lip locks him. Does this mean that Lauen and Theo are back together? I think so.

Warning this next scene was the one that almost made me loose my tears so it may do the same for you. Back at Reagan’s apartment she’s telling Amy about all the places they’ll see during the tour, Amy cuts her off by telling her she’s not going on the tour. Reagan upset asks her if Karma  talked her out of it but she says no. Amy finally lets out the truth saying I’m a sexually confused girl who wants to go to collage. Reagan says they’re at two different places of their lives and she doesn’t know how she’s going to get over her. Yep you read it right Reamy is no more and it was the saddest thing ever. I think anyone who’s ever struggled with their sexually related to this scene.

In the meantime things are getting hot and heavy between Duke and Shane. It’s here where Duke confesses the only reason he agreed to be in an open relationship is because he thought that’s what Shane wanted. It’s also reviled that they are both on stubble all the time only to see if the other one is. Duke shows his soft side by telling Shane when he was outted and lost his sponsorship that Shane was the only one there for him and he loves him. Yep Duke used the L word. This more then likely forshadows that Shane’s guilt will eventually lead to him telling Duke he’s the one that outted him.

The episode closes with Amy crying in bed cuddling with Karma. She assures Amy that maybe someday her and Reagan will be in the same place and ready for each other again. I’m sure it was a moment that had the Karmy shippers going insane.

That’s it for this weeks episode. Next week  teases that there may be an affair happening involving one of   Amy and Lauren’s parents and the sisters plan a stake out. Only time will tell. Until next time. See you guys again next week for another Faking it recap

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Faking it

Faking it: Season 2B premier (Recap)



After a 9 month hiatus the hit MTV show Faking it returned with the premier of the second half of season 2. It was no surprise that tonight’s episode was filled with drama. It featured everything from car hook ups, Protest, emotional speaches and a strip down from Shane Harvey?

The opening scene featured Karma Ashcroft and Liam Booker making out in a car but Liam quickly ruined the casual hook up by uttering the words “I love you” to which Karma shot down by reminding Liam they’re just good buddies who occasionally have sex. But wait it gets weirder becomes moments later Karma, Amy and Liam are all carpooling to school together. Awkward right?

Fans assumptions are quickly confirmed of Karma not being over the drunken hook up between Liam and Amy because when Amy mentions to Liam that he didn’t have to pick her up Karma says it’s her way of keeping an eye on them, Karma then quickly back peddles and dismisses the comment as a joke but watching the scene you could tell there was tension in the air.

Hester high has always been known as a progressive school that embraces diversity but all of that changes when a new principal is named. They call him principal Cooper and apparently he was brought in after Karma’s parents were caught selling marijuana on school property. Meanwhile in the midst of all the reforming Lauren and Shane are still battling each other over the student body president position. Lauren tries to get on Coopers good side by creating the varrifed system. It’s s system that will essentially let the students have their freedom back in exchange for drug test and access to their social media accounts.

On the other hand we have Shane who isn’t buying the new system he starts a protest where there main chant is N.U.D.E. you can’t take my rights from me. He then says students have nothing to hide and he proceeds to strip. Lauren interrupts this fiasco by giving a speech about how Hester isn’t what it use to be. She says students arnt safe, they were exposed and betrayed. What made this speech all the more powerful is her nark of a former boyfriend Theo/Anthony was there to hear it all.

Remember how last season Liam despised his fathers company Squirkal. Well guess what? Liam is now and intern there……. Say what??!! It is at his intern job where he meets the smoking hot Zeta. He opens up to her and tells her about Karma and she gives him a stone cold response by telling him he’s nieve.

Perhaps the biggest moment of tonight’s episode was the introduction of the new character Felix. We first meet Felix in an awkward moment where Karma is seen packing all her stuff. She’s then joined by Amy who asks what’s happening and Karma shrugs it off by saying she’s just spring cleaning. Then out of nowhere Felix enters the room. Who the hell is this guy? And why is he in Karma’s room??

Karma explains the situation telling Amy that Felix is just new gay best friend and that he’s just simply helping her with her new wordrobe. Later in the episode though Shane informs Amy that Felix is not gay. This causes Amy to hatch up a plan to try and saduce Felix but it’s short lived when Karma walks in on them. Karma is of course upset questioning Amy asking her if she’s going to keep seducing the man in her life. This leads to Felix blowing up on Karma for saying he was gay and he tells her she should tell Amy the truth.

Could Felix be Karma’s new boo?……. Nope that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Karma reveals to her bestie that after the drug bust her and her family are broke and are renting out their house to Felix and his family for money. Karma is in tears when she tells Amy that they’re pretty much homeless and that she’s been living in the back of her mom and dad’s juice truck. Amy tells Karma she has nothing to be embarresed about and that she’s there for her. Karma proceeds to question if their friendship could handle anymore drama and Amy assures her that together they can get through anything. This sweet moment is capped off by Amy giving Karma her half of the BFF her and Karma have, after Karma revealed that she had lost hers in the move and that was the real reason why she hadn’t been wearing it. The moment defiantly had us Karmy shippers teary eyed.

The episode ends with Liam showing up at Karma’s window. He’s outside telling her he still has hope for their relationship but his moment goes south when he doesn’t see Karma but rather a shirtless Felix. Liam ask why are you in Karma’s room to which Felix replies “maybe you need to ask her that”

Awww poor Liam….. Oh who am I kidding, my heart doesn’t break for him at all. That concluded tonight’s season premier. In the preview it shows us that there’s a chance that may still love Karma, trouble in paradise for Regan and Amy? and are Lauren and Theo getting back together?? Only time will tell but one thing is forsure, Faking it is back with a bang.

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