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Jenna Ortega Wednesday
Jenna Ortega Wednesday
Jenna Ortega Wednesday


Jenna Ortega Aims for Emmy Gold with “Wednesday” Episode “Friend or Woe”

NOTE: This article is 12 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Jenna Ortega delivered a breakout performance as the iconic Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix series “Wednesday.” Now Ortega is hoping her portrayal of the supernatural sleuth will land her an Emmy Award for Best Comedy Actress.

According to exclusive Gold Derby reporting, Ortega has selected the episode “Friend or Woe” as her submission for Emmy voters. The episode aired on November 23 and is the third episode of the show’s debut season.

In “Friend or Woe,” Wednesday follows a clue she finds in a library book, which leads her to the town’s annual fair. There she sees a painting of a young girl who looks exactly like the one haunting her visions – an ancestor of Wednesday’s who was almost executed centuries ago. As Wednesday investigates further, she learns that the girl was sentenced to death by Joseph Crackstone, the sinister founder of the town. Just as the execution is about to take place, the girl escapes into the woods. While at the fair, Wednesday herself is attacked by the monstrous creature that has been stalking the town. This attack spurs Wednesday to crash the town’s Founders Day ceremony, where she publicly condemns Crackstone and orders Thing to destroy his commemorative statue. The episode allows Ortega to showcase Wednesday’s sly wit, her unconventional detective skills, and her supernatural abilities in this pivotal moment of confronting the town’s dark past.

Ortega has earned rave reviews for bringing the classic Addams Family character to life in the hit Netflix series. With her subtle yet magnetic performance, Ortega has introduced Wednesday to a new generation while also satisfying longtime fans. An Emmy win would further cement her as the definitive on-screen portrayal of the iconic character.

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“Friend or Woe” highlights Ortega’s ability to deliver a layered, nuanced performance using Wednesday’s matter-of-fact delivery and razor-sharp wit. The episode also demonstrates her deft handling of the show’s mix of mystery, horror, and comedy.

An Emmy would be a fitting recognition of Ortega’s breakout year in “Wednesday.” With her first nomination, Ortega has already cemented her place as one of Hollywood’s top young talents. But a win in the Best Comedy Actress category would further validate her as a force to be reckoned with in the industry and an Emmy frontrunner for years to come.

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