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Olivia Rodrigo on Toning Down Her Song Lyrics What Her Family Thinks of Her Fame Fear of Ghosts 1 19 screenshot


Olivia Rodrigo’s Candid Confessions: From Altered Lyrics to Haunted Houses on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

NOTE: This article is 6 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Disclaimer: This article contains explicit content related to lyrics and discussions from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview with Olivia Rodrigo. Reader discretion is advised.

Fresh off the release of her latest album, “Guts,” three-time Grammy-winning superstar Olivia Rodrigo made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night. The show was filled with candid moments, hilarious stories, and insights into Rodrigo’s life and music.

Regrets and Revelations: Olivia confessed one of her unfulfilled dreams from before she became a household name – babysitting! A surprising revelation, given the heights her career has reached. She also humorously shared how she mistakenly believed that President Biden had gifted her a shoehorn, only to later realize it was an ice cream scoop.

Family and Fame: Olivia opened up about her family’s reactions to her skyrocketing fame. While her father is the proud type, boasting about her achievements to his coworkers, her mother tends to be more modest. In a hilarious anecdote, Rodrigo shared how her mom’s vague descriptions about her career led a hairdresser to mistakenly assume she was a stripper.

Ghosts and House Hunting: The pop sensation is on the hunt for her first home, but there’s a catch. She loves old houses but is petrified of ghosts! She humorously recounted how she always inquires if the previous owner passed away in any house she visits.

Lyric Changes and Album Secrets: Olivia spilled the beans on how she occasionally toned down some lyrics to make them more family-friendly. She revealed that in her original lyrics for “Get Him Back,” she wrote, “cause I miss the way he kisses and the way he grabbed my ass,” which she later changed. Another line from “All American Bitch” was originally “perfect All-American lips and perfect All-American tits,” which was also modified. Rodrigo expressed her wish to remain tasteful in her songwriting while discussing these changes. Additionally, she revealed that a poem she wrote during a college poetry class at USC became the song “Lacy” on her latest album.

World Tour and Homeschooling: As she gears up for her global tour starting in February, Rodrigo touched upon her education, having been homeschooled since she was 12. Last year, she took a college poetry class, which added to her artistic repertoire.

Final Thoughts: The interview showcased Olivia Rodrigo’s candid nature and her ability to connect with audiences through both humor and genuine reflections. Her openness about the journey of her music creation and personal experiences provides a deeper understanding of the artist behind the hit songs.

Before diving into the depths of her music career, Olivia Rodrigo took a fun detour. As Jimmy Kimmel’s children, Jane and Billy, were en route to school, they encountered a special “homeschooled hitchhiker.” The hitchhiker was none other than the pop sensation herself, Olivia Rodrigo.

As the kids recognized her, excitement filled the air. Olivia hopped into the car, chatting with the young fans. Jane, a huge fan, mentioned her favorite song, “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl.” In a humorous twist, Billy expressed his interpretation of Olivia’s “Get Him Back” song, suggesting some playful revenge tactics.

In a heartwarming interaction, the kids quizzed Olivia on her favorite songs and even encouraged their parents to share a kiss, much to their playful embarrassment. The ride was filled with laughter, sing-alongs, and memorable moments.

However, the segment ended on a humorous note as Jimmy reminded Olivia about the dangers of hitchhiking, leading to a playful revelation: Olivia doesn’t have her driver’s license. The segment concluded with Olivia jokingly departing the car, ensuring she makes “good choices.”

This delightful surprise showcases not only Olivia’s down-to-earth nature but also her ability to connect with fans of all ages. It’s clear that her music transcends generations, creating memorable moments for everyone involved.

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