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EmiSunshine SIDESHOW cover medium2
EmiSunshine SIDESHOW cover medium2
EmiSunshine SIDESHOW cover medium2


EmiSunshine Releases First Bluegrass Album, “SIDESHOW”

NOTE: This article is 2 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Today, October 6th, 2023, EmiSunshine releases “SIDESHOW,” her debut into the bluegrass genre, under Little Blackbird Records. The album, consisting of 13 tracks, is not only a musical collection but also a narrative anthology, with each song unfolding a distinct story and emotion.

“Sideshow” is a special album for Emi, serving as a tribute to the mountain music that influenced her growing up in East Tennessee and a thank-you note to her dedicated fans who have requested a bluegrass record. The album explores various themes, from tales of lost love and abusive relationships to honoring a brave soldier’s ultimate sacrifice. The title track, “Sideshow,” brings a light-hearted perspective on human peculiarities, celebrating uniqueness and humanity.

EmiSunshine, along with her band, The Rain, collaborated with several guest performers, including Cruz Contreras, Wyatt Ellis, Justin Moses, and Addie Levy, each adding their unique musical touch to the project. Alisha Hamilton, Emi’s mother, played a pivotal role as the primary producer, steering the concept, song selection, and overall feel of the album, while also allowing the musicians to bring their own creative interpretations into the mix.

Three tracks, “Carry Me Home,” “Little Black Bird,” and “White Dress,” have been re-recorded in a bluegrass style for “SIDESHOW.” These songs, co-written with her mother when Emi was 7 and 8, have found a new home among the album’s fresh offerings.

Each track on the album tells a unique story. For example, “Sideshow” reflects Emi and her team’s unconventional journey in the music industry, while “Off The Rails,” written during the pandemic, speaks to the challenges faced by women in the music business. “The Boy I Never Loved” explores unacknowledged love and societal pressures, and “Scars And Wings” was inspired by a bird singing outside, exploring themes of sadness and inspiration from nature. Every track, from “Trojan Horse,” which explores themes of hidden secrets, to “Gold Digger,” a cheeky and spunky track, tells a unique story, offering listeners a glimpse into Emi’s world and her perspectives on life, love, and the journey of being a musician.

“Sideshow” is now available on most digital music platforms, with physical copies also available through Emi’s website. EmiSunshine will be celebrating the album release with several appearances, including a special celebration at The Lyric Theater in Loudon, TN, today at 7:00 p.m., and another at The Station Inn, Nashville, TN, on October 11 at 8:00 p.m.

For more information about EmiSunshine, her new album, and upcoming appearances, visit or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In “SIDESHOW,” EmiSunshine invites listeners to join her in a musical journey that reflects her past and celebrates her present, offering a heartfelt tribute to the bluegrass genre and the fans who have supported her throughout her journey.

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