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Nikita Lev’s “Nowhere Bar” Video Reflects Inner Turmoil and Longing for Freedom – Watch

NOTE: This article is 9 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Rising indie/folk singer-songwriter Nikita Lev has unveiled the music video for her new single “Nowhere Bar”, directed by Zenon Samuels. The music video debuted on September 14th, aligning with Lev’s live performance at the Breaking Sound NYC showcase.

Set in a dimly lit, seemingly abandoned bar, the music video echoes the lyrical theme of feeling stuck and isolated. As the story unfolds, Lev appears caught in memories, unable to escape this “nowhere bar”. Quick cuts between the hazy bar scenes and solitary beach shots evoke the song’s central ideas of confinement yet longing for freedom.

The music video closely mirrors the shifting mood of the song itself. During the quieter verses, the camera focuses tightly on Lev articulating her feelings of being trapped. When the music escalates in the chorus, the camera pulls back to reveal Lev’s escalating emotion.

The bridge provides the most hard-hitting moments. As Lev walks contemplatively on a foggy beach, there are intercut shots of her in anguish back in the bar, pulling her hair and thrashing on the ground. This imagery represents her inner turmoil and desire to break free of the past.

Raised in a musical family, Lev has been crafting affecting piano and guitar-driven indie folk songs since childhood. With eclectic influences spanning The 1975 to St. Vincent, the 23-year-old already has a remarkable catalog of over 200 original compositions.

Lev’s music video for “Nowhere Bar” showcases her skills as a lyrical storyteller and authenticity as a performer. Expect more visually compelling work as she continues rising as an indie/folk talent to watch.

Trevor Decker


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