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Beloved 80s TV Icon ALF is Back Promoting Brands with Ryan Reynolds

NOTE: This article is 11 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Do you remember ALF, the funny alien puppet from the 80s sitcom? He’s back in a new series of commercials promoting brands. ALF is appearing in ads on Ryan Reynolds’ new free streaming TV channel.

Reynolds acquired the rights to the classic ALF show. He is integrating new segments where ALF endorses brands like Mint Mobile and Ring video doorbells. The advertisements will air during ALF marathon programming on Reynolds’ streaming channel. Viewers can watch the channel at no cost on platforms like Fubo, Amazon Freevee, and Tubi.

By bringing back ALF, brands are capitalizing on viewer nostalgia. ALF was a pop culture icon in the late 80s and early 90s. His return allows brands to connect with older audiences who have fond childhood memories of the mischievous alien puppet.

Typically, free streaming platforms simply rerun old shows and do not generate new content. However, Reynolds is repurposing existing intellectual property in an innovative way to enable branded integrations. This creative tactic could pave the way for more engaging and seamless advertising on free streaming television.

As more audiences shift to ad-supported streaming services, brands need fresh strategies to reach viewers who are moving away from paid platforms. Reynolds’ revival of ALF demonstrates an inventive approach to target the expanding free streaming market.

ALF’s comeback proves that leveraging nostalgic intellectual property can still help brands resonate with audiences. As ad-supported streaming continues to grow in popularity, expect more clever integrations between brands and classic television shows.

Trevor Decker


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