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jenna ortega beetlejuice 2
jenna ortega beetlejuice 2
Jenna Ortega on the set of "Beetlejuice 2"


Jenna Ortega Pulls Back the Curtain on Her ‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel Role

NOTE: This article is 2 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Excitement is brewing as Jenna Ortega teases details about her highly-anticipated role in the upcoming Beetlejuice sequel, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. In a revealing interview with Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue, the Wednesday star shed light on her character’s pivotal place within the quirky, gothic world fans adore.

Ortega is set to play Astrid, the daughter of Winona Ryder’s beloved Lydia Deetz from the original 1988 classic. “I am Lydia Deetz’s daughter,” Ortega revealed. “She’s weird, but in a different way and not in the way you’d assume.” This tantalizing description hints at a unique new character poised to captivate while respecting the franchise’s offbeat roots.

At the core of the film lies the complex relationship between Astrid and her iconic mother Lydia. Ortega teased an exploration of Lydia’s past and how it impacts the pair’s familial bond – fertile territory considering fans’ enduring curiosity about Lydia’s life after the events of the first film. It’s a refreshingly nuanced take on a beloved premise.

The buzz about Ortega’s casting sparked anticipation for her reunion with director Tim Burton after their success on Wednesday. It’s a perfect pairing of Burton’s signature gothic flair and Ortega’s knack for embodying intricate, edgy characters.

Ortega elaborated that while Astrid isn’t simply her mother’s antithesis, she’s very much a teenager forging her own identity – a relatable arc ripe for exploring themes of adolescent rebellion and self-discovery.

Behind the scenes, Ortega described an atmosphere alive with nostalgia and celebration, especially among returning players. The fictional Winter River, Connecticut was painstakingly recreated in Vermont, immersing the production in an aura of authenticity. According to Ortega, Burton’s evident joy and creative passion permeated the set, promising a sequel honoring the original while boldly blazing new trails.

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The road wasn’t seamless, with delays arising from industry strikes. But with those hurdles cleared, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice wrapped and is precisely on course for its September 6th theatrical debut.

More than just a sequel, this revival of a cherished cinematic world promises to pass the generational baton while retaining its quintessential spirit. Jenna Ortega’s Astrid lies at the crux of this balance, entwining Beetlejuice’s beloved legacy with an audacious new vision. For fans, the countdown to September’s haunting reunion can’t elapse soon enough.

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