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Martin Luther King Jr
Martin Luther King Jr
Martin Luther King Jr


Universal Pictures to Produce Martin Luther King Jr. Biopic with Chris Rock and Steven Spielberg

NOTE: This article is 10 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Universal Pictures has announced the production of a biopic centered on Martin Luther King Jr., utilizing the acclaimed biography “King: A Life” by Jonathan Eig as its source material. The film will be directed by Chris Rock, while Steven Spielberg is set to executive produce, according to an exclusive by Deadline.

“King: A Life” has been recognized for its comprehensive exploration of Dr. King’s life and activism, using previously unreleased sources, including declassified FBI information. The book provides a detailed account of Dr. King’s leadership in peaceful protests during the segregationist era in the south, while also revealing his personal struggles and the federal government’s surveillance.

Chris Rock, widely known for his stand-up comedy, has also made a mark as a director and actor in various projects. His involvement in “Rustin,” a film about the organizer of the 1963 march on Washington, Bayard Rustin, and his role as NAACP leader Roy Wilkins, demonstrates his engagement with civil rights narratives.

Steven Spielberg, a filmmaker renowned for his extensive filmography and storytelling expertise, will bring his experience to the project as an executive producer, ensuring a high-quality cinematic output.

The biopic, produced by Amblin Partners and involving Kristie Macosko Krieger as a producer alongside Rock, aims to offer a profound cinematic exploration of Dr. King’s life and legacy. With the collaboration of Rock and Spielberg, the film is anticipated to provide a detailed and respectful portrayal of Dr. King’s personal and public endeavors in his pursuit of civil rights and equality.

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The project will be overseen by Universal’s Senior Vice President of Production Development, Ryan Jones. Further details regarding the film’s release and additional cast have not been disclosed at this time.

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