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The Loud House Family Gets Spooky in New ‘A Really Haunted Loud House’ Halloween Movie

NOTE: This article is 9 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time for some spooky fun at the Loud house! Nickelodeon recently released the trailer for the upcoming live action The Really Loud House movie, A Really Haunted Loud House, premiering later this month.

The trailer teases a frightful and action-packed Halloween adventure for the rambunctious Loud family. Lincoln Loud and his best friend Clyde decide to skip the family’s annual Halloween celebration in favor of attending a cool Halloween bash thrown by their mysterious new classmate Xander. This leaves Lincoln’s sisters to plan the Loud family’s traditional spooky soiree without him.

However, Xander and his friends have some tricks up their sleeves and soon set their sights on terrorizing the Loud house. Lincoln, his sisters, and Clyde must join forces to defend their home from these teenage werewolf hunters and save Halloween. The trailer shows the clan gearing up for an epic junkyard showdown.

Reprising their roles from the hit live action series are fan favorites Wolfgang Schaeffer as Lincoln, Jahzir Bruno as Clyde, Brian Stepanek and Jolie Jenkins as Lincoln’s parents, and the talented young actresses playing Lincoln’s 10 sisters. A Really Haunted Loud House also welcomes Martin Fajardo in the role of the sinister Xander.

The Halloween special will debut on Paramount+ on September 28th and air the same night on Nickelodeon at 7pm ET/PT. With creative costumes, spooky sets, and lots of action, A Really Haunted Loud House looks like a frightfully fun treat for fans of the Loud family’s animated and live action adventures. Don’t miss the trailer and be sure to tune in later this month for a Loud House Halloween you won’t forget!

Trevor Decker


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