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John Carpenter Directs New Anthology Series ‘Suburban Screams’

NOTE: This article is 10 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Legendary horror director John Carpenter is back behind the camera for the first time in over a decade for the new Peacock anthology series ‘John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams.’ This marks Carpenter’s first major directing project since 2010’s ‘The Ward.’

Premiering on Friday, October 13, ‘Suburban Screams’ will explore terrifying true stories that occurred in seemingly idyllic American suburbs. Each episode focuses on one bone-chilling tale, told by the real-life people who experienced the horror firsthand.

Carpenter serves as director and producer on the six-episode series, which he describes as “true tales of terror” that lurk beneath the surface of sunny suburban streets. In addition to first-person interviews, the episodes will feature cinematic reenactments, personal archives, and local news coverage to bring the stories to life.

As the creative mind behind classics like ‘Halloween,’ ‘The Fog,’ and ‘The Thing,’ Carpenter’s masterful direction was instrumental in defining the horror genre. After a 13-year break from the director’s chair, his chilling vision returns in ‘Suburban Screams.’ Fans can expect his signature blend of atmospheric tension, haunting scores, and slow-building dread.

With its exploration of sinister secrets hiding behind the façade of suburban perfection, ‘Suburban Screams’ promises to deliver the creepy thrills that Carpenter is known for. Mark your calendars for a frightful return to form when the series premieres on October 13, just in time for Halloween. The master has come home, and terror awaits in the suburbs.

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