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Bella Ramsey in the 2017 series the worst witch


Spooky Season Flashback: Before Dominating ‘The Last of Us’, Bella Ramsey Was Brewing Magic (and maybe Pumpkin Spice Lattes?) in ‘The Worst Witch’

NOTE: This article is 9 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Spooky season is here, and as the days grow shorter and the nights colder, there’s no better way to usher in the autumn chills than with a bewitching series. Many of you are currently enthralled by Bella Ramsey’s stunning portrayal in the HBO series “The Last of Us.” With a talent that’s hard to ignore, Bella has quickly risen to become one of the industry’s most captivating stars.

However, did you know that before the post-apocalyptic drama of “The Last of Us,” Bella was casting spells and flying on broomsticks?

That’s right! For those wanting to witness the early magic of Bella’s acting career, you can travel back to her first major role in the enchanting series, “The Worst Witch.” The show, set in an all-girls witch academy named Cackle’s Academy, beautifully interweaves tales of friendship, adventure, and the challenges of growing up. Bella shines as Mildred Hubble, an unconventional witch with a penchant for finding herself in delightful chaos. Through the series, we get to witness not just the evolution of her character but the blossoming of Bella’s exceptional acting prowess.

And here’s the fantastic news: you can watch all the spellbinding episodes of “The Worst Witch” on Netflix! So as you prepare your pumpkin spice lattes and dig out those comfy blankets, make sure to add this series to your binge-watch list. It’s the perfect blend of charm and spook, just right for the season.

So whether you’re a long-time fan of Bella Ramsey or have recently been captivated by their performance in “The Last of Us,” “The Worst Witch” is a magical journey that’s not to be missed. Dive in and discover the enchanting world where Bella’s star first began to shine.

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Happy Spooky Season, everyone!

Note: Bella only appears in the first 3 seasons of the series.

Trevor Decker


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