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Crayola Launches Kids Content Studio

NOTE: This article is 12 months old and may not include the most recent information.

Crayola is making cartoons! The famous crayon company just announced a new studio to make shows, movies, and other content for kids.

Their first project will be a cartoon based on the sci-fi podcast The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian. It’s about a boy who lives on a spaceship and explores planets with his friends. Crayola will work with a company called MIMO to make the cartoon.

This new studio is Crayola’s way of using stories to get kids excited about being creative. They want to inspire children to use their crayons and make art. The shows will celebrate imagination and play.

Crayola picked a good time to start a kids studio. Services like Netflix and Disney+ all want new shows that families will watch together. Crayola is a brand parents already know and trust. Now they can watch Crayola cartoons too!

Making hit shows won’t be easy, even for Crayola. But focusing on creativity is smart. No other studio can match Crayola’s history with art supplies and coloring. If the shows get kids excited to make their own pictures, it will be a big success.

The best outcome would be for Crayola’s shows to motivate kids to grab crayons, markers, or paint and start creating. If the cartoons feel like sitting at a table surrounded by colorful art supplies, Crayola will have done its job. The company will win by sparking young imaginations.

Crayola is dreaming big with this studio. If they can turn their brand and crayons into great stories, it could be the start of something huge. By mixing creativity with cartoon fun, Crayola might have found a perfect recipe for family entertainment. This studio may show that Crayola isn’t just about back-to-school shopping anymore.

Trevor Decker


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