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Christina Ricci Shines as Yellowjackets’ Cast Battles it Out on Family Feud

NOTE: This article is 11 months old and may not include the most recent information.

The long-established Sunday evening tradition of watching Family Feud took an exciting turn on the most recent episode when the cast members of the hit TV series ‘Yellowjackets’ squared off in an entertaining game of Celebrity Family Feud. The two teams, affectionately called Adult Yellowjackets and Teen Yellowjackets, were comprised of adult and teen actors from the series respectively.

The adults’ team was a constellation of acting talents, featuring Christina Ricci (Misty), Tawny Cypress (Taissa), Melanie Lynskey (Shauna), Lauren Ambrose (Van), and Warren Kole (Jeff). The teen squad consisted of Samantha Hanratty (teen Misty), Jasmin Savoy Brown (teen Taissa), Sophie Nélisse (teen Shauna), Courtney Eaton (teen Lottie), and the series co-creator Ashley Lyle. Both teams entered the contest with a noble purpose – to win $25,000 for GLAAD, a non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ advocacy and cultural change.

Airing over one nail-biting hour, the game swung back and forth with the adult team eventually edging out their youthful counterparts, three rounds to one. Christina Ricci emerged as the show-stealer, lighting up the room with her quirky answers, charmingly authentic reactions, and a self-confessed case of nerves.

The Family Feud special was met with delight from the fans of Yellowjackets. Social media, especially Twitter, buzzed with excitement over the episode, with viewers praising the slightly chaotic, yet entertaining crossover. The only shared regret among fans seemed to be the desire for the episode to have lasted longer.

Celebrity Family Feud, designed for primetime viewing, usually hosts two games in its one-hour slot. Following the thrilling Yellowjackets showdown, the subsequent game was between esteemed journalist Gayle King and her family against Sophia Bush Hughes and her team.

Returning to the Yellowjackets’ saga, the adult team emerged victorious and proceeded to the Fast Money round with Ricci and Kole as the nominated players. Kole led the charge, accruing 133 points. This left Ricci with the task of obtaining the remaining 67 points to hit the 200-point benchmark necessary to secure the charity prize.

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Ricci’s hilarious response to the opening survey question, “how many minutes does it take you to fall asleep after you go to bed?” (she said “320 minutes”), made it clear she had a steep hill to climb. As suspense mounted, she faced the fifth and final survey question needing 29 points for the win. The question was “name something you put several of in a dishwasher.” With a glint in her eye, Ricci responded with the word “dishes.” Her answer won the day, bringing in 46 points, and a victory for the Adult Yellowjackets.

Christina Ricci proved once again why she’s considered one of the most engaging actors in Hollywood, with her unique charm and humor taking center stage and stealing the show. The Celebrity Family Feud crossover will go down as a fond memory for the Yellowjackets’ fandom, reinforcing the bonds between its cast members and fans while raising money for a worthy cause. Here’s to more such enjoyable encounters in the future!

Trevor Decker


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