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Court Night Live


A&E Finds ‘Live PD’ Successor In ‘Court Night Live’

NOTE: This article is 2 years old and may not include the most recent information.

The cable network A&E has announced “Court Night Live,” a reality show that will broadcast live trials.

Big Fish Entertainment is the company behind the controversial series Live PD. Court Night Live looks to be the network’s sequel of sorts to live police series, despite the fact that it will air on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. beginning August 10, rather than Friday and Saturday nights.

Vinnie Politan, Court TV’s lead anchor, and Judge Greg Mathis, who previously hosted Judge Mathis, will host Court Night Live, with analysis from retired Judge Vonda Evans. Civil cases from across the country will be litigated live in front of a gallery of community members from pop-up courtrooms in Philadelphia, Tampa, and Chicago.

During each show, viewers will be able to text vote on the outcomes of certain cases in real time. Politan, Mathis, and Evans will give viewers background information and their legal points of view so they can better understand how the legal system works.

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