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Zoe Perry and Raegan Revord Young Sheldon CBS
Zoe Perry and Raegan Revord Young Sheldon CBS
Zoe Perry and Raegan Revord Young Sheldon CBS


‘Young Sheldon’ Fans: Reminder – Double Episodes This Week and Next!

Buckle up for extra adventures with Sheldon (Iain Armitage), Missy (Raegan Revord), Mary (Zoe Perry), George (Lance Barber), and the whole Cooper family! For a limited time, ‘Young Sheldon’ is treating us to back-to-back episodes this week (May 9th) and next week (May 16th). It’s a special double-dose of emotions as we approach the series finale.

Why the Limited-Time Change?

CBS wants to give us a special treat as ‘Young Sheldon’ draws to a close. These double-episode blocks mean extra time with our favorite characters and double the opportunity for heartwarming moments and poignant storylines.

Don’t Miss a Moment!

  • When: Thursdays (May 9th and May 16th)
  • Time: Check your local listings (usually starts around 8pm ET/ 7pm CT on CBS)
  • How Many Episodes: Two every Thursday, this week and next!
  • Important Reminder: The series finale airs on May 16th and will also be a double-episode night!

Watch Your Way: Catch the double-episode fun on CBS or stream live and on-demand with Paramount Plus.

Enjoy this special ‘Young Sheldon’ treat while it lasts! It’s the perfect way to gear up for the emotional and highly anticipated finale.

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