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Bella Ramsey Time season 2
Bella Ramsey Time season 2
Bella Ramsey Time season 2


Bella Ramsey to Portray Samantha Lewthwaite in Upcoming Film

Bella Ramsey, known for their powerful performance in the hit series “The Last of Us,” is set to take on the complex and controversial role of Samantha Lewthwaite, infamously known as the White Widow, in the upcoming film “Girl Next Door.”

The film delves into the radicalization of Lewthwaite, a seemingly ordinary mother of two from the suburbs who became implicated in devastating terrorist attacks. “Girl Next Door” aims to explore the events and circumstances that led to her transformation, raising questions about identity, grief, and the allure of extremism.

Directed and written by Bruce Goodison, known for his thought-provoking work on “Black Cab” and “Leave to Remain,” the film promises a nuanced and unflinching look at Lewthwaite’s life. Goodison has conducted extensive research, including access to Lewthwaite’s personal diaries and interviews with individuals close to her, to create an authentic and multi-layered portrayal.

Ramsey’s casting has generated significant buzz, with Goodison expressing confidence in their ability to bring depth and empathy to this challenging role. Their portrayal is anticipated to be a captivating and thought-provoking element of the film.

“Girl Next Door” is produced by Kate Cook and Julia Berg for Indefinite Films, and Andee Ryder and Sofia Ismail Martin for Misfits Entertainment, with backing from the British Film Institute. Celsius Entertainment has secured the world sales rights and is launching the film ahead of the Cannes market.

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