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Al Lambert Step By Step


Why Gen Z Should Revisit ‘Step by Step’ and Al Lambert

NOTE: This article is 3 months old and may not include the most recent information.

The beloved 90s sitcom “Step by Step” features the character Al Lambert, played by Christine Lakin, who many in Gen Z may see themselves in. As Al grows up on the show, she goes on a journey of self-discovery that echoes what many Gen Zers experience.

From questioning gender stereotypes to navigating complex family relationships, Al’s evolution over the course of the show aligns closely with Gen Z values. She starts out as a tomboy resisting her new stepfamily, but eventually warms up to them, showcasing the types of personal growth and family dynamics common among Gen Z.

Some standout Al-centric episodes that Gen Z will relate to include “Brain Surgery,” where Al deals with romantic rejection, “Rules of the House,” in which she butts heads with her stepmom over independence, and “Bully for Mark” where she protects her little brother from a bully.

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Whether expressing herself creatively by starting a rock band or learning about responsibility while caring for a neighbor’s dog, Al faces coming-of-age moments that feel familiar. Her character offers a relatable look at growing up and trying to figure oneself out.

Where to Stream ‘Step by Step’

As of 2023, the show is available on Max as well as Freevee with ads. Viewers can find all seasons of “Step by Step” to stream on-demand and relive the journey of Al Lambert and the rest of the Lambert-Foster family. These platforms offer the opportunity to watch Al’s representational arc that so many in Gen Z relate to.

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