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Ticketmaster Pledges Transparent Pricing in Response to Biden’s Call to Eliminate Hidden Fees

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

In a significant move towards consumer transparency, Ticketmaster, a subsidiary of Live Nation and a major player in the event ticketing industry, has announced plans to offer all-in upfront pricing at over 200 venues and festivals. This decision is a direct response to President Joe Biden’s campaign against hidden fees that often surprise consumers at the end of their purchasing process.

The White House has been advocating for the elimination of these hidden fees across various sectors, including concert tickets, airlines, and cable TV subscriptions. As part of this initiative, President Biden has proposed the Junk Fee Prevention Act, a legislative measure aimed at curbing these unexpected charges.

President Biden is set to meet with executives from Live Nation and other firms this Thursday to discuss the progress of this initiative. This meeting follows a call made by the President last year urging companies to reduce these hidden fees.

Ticketmaster’s commitment to transparent pricing is not an isolated move. Other ticket-selling platforms, including SeatGeek and xBk, have also pledged to adopt all-in pricing. These voluntary changes by the companies mark a significant step towards greater pricing transparency in the industry.

The issue of hidden fees was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year when Joe Berchtold, the president and CFO of Live Nation, testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The hearing was convened in the wake of a system crash last November due to overwhelming demand for Taylor Swift tickets. Some senators have linked this incident to the company’s market dominance, leading to an ongoing investigation into the company’s business practices by the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division.

This move by Ticketmaster and other ticket-selling platforms signals a potential end to hidden fees and unexpected costs for consumers. As these changes take effect, consumers can expect a more transparent and straightforward ticket-buying experience, with the total cost of tickets presented upfront.

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