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Christina Ricci Teams Up with, Shares Her Top Hotels and a Paranormal Experience

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

In a recent promotional video for titled “Perfect 10 with Christina Ricci,” the celebrated actress journeys through her most memorable hotel stays, even recounting a paranormal encounter.

The video begins with Ricci reminiscing about the Sunset Marquee in Los Angeles, a hotel she visited during her childhood. She warmly recalls the hotel’s enchanting garden filled with bunny rabbits and its picturesque charm.

The video then transitions across the pond to the Lanesborough Hotel in London. In addition to praising the hotel’s luxurious ambiance, Ricci shares a rather unusual tale. One night during her stay, she experienced what she believed was a ghostly presence in her room. Despite this spooky encounter, the actress was so smitten with the hotel that she chose to remain there.

In a more light-hearted anecdote, Ricci details an amusing encounter with local wildlife at the Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico. She recounts a memory of an iguana, enticed by guests’ food, diving into the hotel pool in pursuit.

Ricci also reveals her personal hotel preferences, emphasizing the importance of well-stocked minibars, particularly ones that include a “flat, salty, oblong chip in a tube-like container that pops.”

The actress’s reminiscences include the Chelsea Hotel in New York City, particularly its stunning post-renovation bathroom. She fondly recalls the times she stayed there in her twenties when the hotel had a more adventurous appeal.

Ricci also addresses the issue of noise levels in hotels, encouraging guests to be considerate of others, especially during the night.

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The Villa Cora in Florence, the Covent Garden Hotel in London, and the Hassler Hotel in Rome also feature in Ricci’s top picks, each offering unique charm and memorable experiences. Notably, Ricci commends the extraordinary service she received at the Maritime Hotel in New York City when she fell ill, with the doorman going above and beyond to walk her dog.

In “Perfect 10 with Christina Ricci,” the actress encapsulates what makes a hotel stay unforgettable: not just the luxury or amenities, but also unique experiences, respectful etiquette, and the kindness of the hotel staff. From encountering ghosts to chasing iguanas, Ricci’s journey illuminates the magic and adventure inherent in travel.

Trevor Decker


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