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Chris Nee, Creator of Doc McStuffins, Questions: Do Streaming Platforms Really Understand Kids TV?

NOTE: This article is 10 months old and may not include the most recent information.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Nee, the creator of the groundbreaking series Doc McStuffins, expressed her concerns about the streaming industry’s approach to children’s television. Nee, who had previously signed a deal with Netflix, has since parted ways with the streaming giant, citing a fundamental misunderstanding of how children consume content.

Nee’s departure from Netflix comes amidst a broader industry trend of streaming platforms scaling back their efforts in children’s programming. High-profile development deals have been allowed to expire, and Nee herself has revealed that she is no longer in an overall deal with Netflix. She believes that streaming platforms like Netflix have failed to understand the unique ways in which children engage with TV content.

One of the key issues Nee highlighted is the algorithmic approach to content delivery. For instance, Netflix’s algorithm is designed to avoid serving the same content twice to its users. However, Nee points out that rewatching is a fundamental aspect of children’s TV consumption. Younger viewers often watch their favorite episodes multiple times, and the inability to easily rewatch shows on streaming platforms can be a significant drawback.

Nee also touched on the importance of brand trust in children’s television. She believes that established brands like Disney have an advantage because they are familiar to young viewers. When a new show appears on Disney, it’s like a trusted friend recommending it. This level of brand trust is something that newer streaming platforms have yet to establish.

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Despite her concerns, Nee remains hopeful about the future of children’s television. She cites the success of shows like Bluey as evidence that high-quality, creator-driven work can still find a large audience. However, she also acknowledges that the industry is in a state of flux, and it’s unclear where it will end up.

For more insights from Chris Nee, check out the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.

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