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KTJ and Carly
KTJ and Carly


Indie Artists KTJ & Carly Release New Single “Hidden”

NOTE: This article is 3 years old and may not include the most recent information.

On “Hidden,”music artists KTJ & Carly confront the darkness in all of us through atmospheric synths and breathless instrumentation. Lyrically, they capture the struggle of chasing someone happy to exist behind the walls they’ve built, and the pain of holding onto them despite your worst intuition. A booming chorus builds to a sonic experience lush with rhythmic intricacies and haunting chord progressions. The duos signature harmonies build out the sound, crafting a stunning melodic wave that washes over you. As they warn their potential lover of all that is hidden behind their fortress, they recognize the need to finally be seen, and contemplate the freedom of giving in.

Their unique blend of electro-pop, influenced by artists like ROZES, JoJo, and PVRIS, showcases both their songwriting prowess and incredible production talent. Their music has been featured on Apple Music’s ‘New in Pop’ playlist and a variety of publications, including, American Songwriter, Euphoria, Flaunt, and Rolling Stone IN, each praising their hooky melodies and powerful prose. The duo released their critically acclaimed debut “Identity EP” in 2020. Followed by singles including “Rollercoaster” and the sugary sweet fan favorite “Cherry Coke.” With a new project on the horizon, “Hidden” is yet another glimpse into what this multifaceted, ultra-talented duo is capable of.

KTJ & Carly are ready for live shows again and will be heading to Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth Tx July 9th, The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood CA on July 23. You can view more upcoming dates and request a show at this link.

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