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Popular America’s Got Talent Act GFORCE Announces Departure Of Two Members



Canadian music group Gforce who gained international popularity after appearing on America’s Got Talent season 14 has announced that two of its original five members are leaving the group to focus on their individual career paths. The group had hoped to share the news with their dedicated fanbase through a video or Livestream however due to the ongoing global situation this never was possible. The announcement was instead made in a social media post published Tuesday (12-29).

Some fans may have noticed recently that both Sarah and Sienna had been missing from photos and videos and this is the reason. Below is the full statement from the remaining members Ava, Holly and Michela.

Dear friends and fans, we want to thank you for your patience in addressing why Sienna and Sarah have not been in photos and videos recently. We were really hoping to share this news with you in a live or at least a video where we could all be together but the challenges of Covid have continued to make that difficult. Sienna and Sarah will always be our best of friends but have decided to move on from the group and pursue their own passions. Of course this was tough for all of us (lots of tears) but they will always be a huge part of our GFORCE journey. We wish them the very best in all that they do and we know they’ll be missed by all of you also. Hope you enjoy our little tribute.

As for the rest of us, we are not even close to seeing this adventure end. We are just getting started and very excited to share with you some exciting news to start out 2021 with a bang! We hope you continue to support us and know that we appreciate you beyond words. Please stay tuned for an announcement coming New Years Eve!

Much love,
Ava, Holly and Michela xo

Watch one of GForce’s memorable AGT performances below!

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