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Pope Francis Hosts Comic Conclave: Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon Among Attendees

NOTE: This article is 1 month old and may not include the most recent information.

In a historic and light-hearted gathering, Pope Francis welcomed over 100 comedians from around the globe to the Vatican on June 14th. The event aimed to emphasize the significant role humor plays in society, bringing together renowned figures like late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, The View’s Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Conan O’Brien, stand-up comics Jim Gaffigan, Tig Notaro, and many others.

The pontiff addressed the diverse group, highlighting what he described as one of the “miracles” of comedy. “You manage to make people smile even while dealing with problems and events, large and small,” Pope Francis remarked. “You denounce abuses of power, you give voice to forgotten situations, you point out inappropriate behavior. Remember this: When you manage to bring intelligent smiles to the lips of even a single spectator, you also make God smile.”

The event, filled with laughter and camaraderie, saw many of the comedians sharing their thoughts on the unique experience. Conan O’Brien humorously reflected, “A lot of these other American comedians have been my friends for years… We are all looking at each other thinking something’s wrong. We are in this beautiful, beautiful space in the Vatican and for some reason they’ve let comedians in, which is always a mistake.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus expressed her joy, stating, “I thought his comments were beautiful. I was delighted to be here.” Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg, when asked if she had invited the Pope to appear in the upcoming Sister Act 3, quipped, “I didn’t think it was the right place to bring it up, but I’ll probably send an email.”

Pope Francis concluded his address with a heartfelt request to the comedians. While he acknowledged that it is acceptable to “laugh at God, just as we play and joke with those we love,” he stressed that it should never be done with the intent to offend religious believers. “You unite people because laughter is contagious,” he said. “I ask you to please pray for me: For, with a smile, not against!”

This remarkable gathering underscored the universal power of laughter and the profound impact humor can have in bridging divides and fostering a sense of community. The Pope’s embrace of comedy as a force for good highlights a refreshing and inclusive approach, reminding us all of the joy and unity that laughter can bring.

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