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“One Nation Underdogs”: The Unifying Anthem from Royal and the Serpent (Music Video)

NOTE: This article is 4 months old and may not include the most recent information.

In today’s age, music does more than just entertain—it offers a platform for impactful socio-political discourse. A prime example is New Jersey’s own Ryan Santiago, better known as Royal and the Serpent. She made a significant splash on May 26th with the release of “The Rat Traps Vol 1”, which introduced two powerful tracks: “Astroturf” and “One Nation Underdogs”.

The song “One Nation Underdogs” quickly stood out, establishing itself as a formidable anthem for a generation striving for recognition. The poignant lyrics, “I deserve the right to love my life, to change my mind, to go outside, to stay alive, to be in public and survive,” encapsulate the emotions and aspirations of a generation battling for their fundamental rights.

The impassioned vocal delivery of Royal serves as a rallying cry for marginalized groups across the globe, including People of Color (POC) and the LGBTQIA+ communities. Noted Royal fan and music reviewer, Vanessa Vasquez, has highlighted that Royal’s intense performance underscores her commitment to giving a voice to these underrepresented communities.

While it’s always a gamble to predict the impact of a song, we at Trevor Decker News feel confident that “One Nation Underdogs” will significantly influence its listeners. The potent combination of the song’s message and Royal’s fervent delivery has the potential to inspire change and offer comfort to those who most need it.

There’s exciting news for Royal’s fans: on Friday, exclusive merchandise for “The Rat Traps Vol 1” release will be available. Better yet, proceeds from the merchandise sales will go directly to The Trevor Project, an organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQIA+ youth. This initiative once again reinforces Royal’s dedication to supporting underrepresented communities.

Royal and the Serpent promises more musical gems as part of “The Rat Traps” project throughout the year. Fans can look forward to fresh, introspective music in the coming months. Furthermore, Royal and the Serpent is taking her talent on the road as one of the opening acts for Fall Out Boy’s “So Much for (Tour) Dust” this summer, with the tour commencing on June 21st in Chicago, Illinois.

Royal’s incredible vocal talent and her dedication to utilizing her platform for advocacy certainly make her an artist to keep an eye on. Listening to her music, we join a chorus of voices standing up for their rights, contributing to an anthem that both entertains and empowers.

In an era where representation is paramount, “One Nation Underdogs” and its creator, Royal and the Serpent, remind us of the need for everyone to be seen, heard, and valued. Through her music, Royal challenges conventional norms, sparks vital conversations, and most importantly, encourages a generation to remain resilient, take pride in who they are, and overcome their trials.

Artists like Royal are leading the way towards a future where music serves as a unifying force, connecting us irrespective of our backgrounds, choices, or skin color. “One Nation Underdogs” exemplifies the transformative power of music, sending an unequivocal message to the world that every voice counts, and nobody should feel like an underdog in their own narrative.

Trevor Decker




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