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Oprah Winfrey pictured with Tina Turner Courtesy of Instagram
Oprah Winfrey pictured with Tina Turner Courtesy of Instagram
Oprah Winfrey pictured with Tina Turner Courtesy of Instagram


Oprah Honors Tina Turner: ‘Her Life Touched Mine, She Was Simply the Best’

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

As the world mourns the loss of rock ‘n’ roll legend Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey shares an evocative tribute on Instagram, painting a picture of a unique friendship that went beyond their fame and career paths.

Within this heartfelt homage, Oprah unveiled a captivating piece of Hollywood history, disclosing that Tina was once approached for a role in the 1985 classic film, “The Color Purple.” However, drawing upon parallels with her personal struggle, Turner chose to decline the role of Shug Avery.

Turner’s decision, a testament to her inner strength and resilience, became a beacon of inspiration for many, including Winfrey. Reflecting upon their relationship, Oprah traced its progression from being a fan, then a groupie, to ultimately becoming real friends.

Oprah’s tribute celebrated Turner as a “forever goddess of rock ‘n’ roll” who exhibited “a magnitude of inner strength that grew throughout her life.” Turner’s courage in the face of adversity and her triumphant journey inspired Oprah, prompting her to admit, “She encouraged a part of me I didn’t know existed.”

Turner’s influence extended beyond her music to impact the lives of many. As Oprah put it, “She was a role model not only for me but for the world,” applauding Turner’s courage in overcoming years of domestic abuse, and symbolically defining victory “wearing Manolo’s and a leather miniskirt.”

Winfrey’s post reflects upon Tina’s philosophy of life and death, sharing, “She once shared with me that when her time came to leave this earth, she would not be afraid, but excited and curious.” It portrays Turner’s unique perspective, celebrating life surrounded by her beloved husband, Erwin, and friends.

Oprah concluded her tribute with a powerful sentiment, stating, “I am a better woman, a better human, because her life touched mine. She was indeed simply the best.” As we remember Tina Turner, we honor her enduring spirit, her unforgettable music, and her inspiring journey of resilience that continues to touch lives around the world.

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