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Misfortunes Eyes Comic
Misfortunes Eyes Comic
Misfortunes Eyes Comic


Brooklynn Prince, 12-Year-Old ‘Cocaine Bear’ Star, Debuts Her Own Comic Book ‘Misfortune’s Eye’

NOTE: This article is 1 year old and may not include the most recent information.

Young actress Brooklynn Prince, who first captured our attention in 2017’s ‘The Florida Project,’ has an exciting new project to share. She recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her latest endeavor, a comic book she created and co-wrote called ‘Misfortune’s Eye.’ Fans can look forward to its release by Sumerian Comics at the upcoming Mega Con in Orlando.

Prince is a self-proclaimed comic book enthusiast and couldn’t be happier about her “nerd dreams” coming true. Her comic, ‘Misfortune’s Eye,’ was co-authored with Aliz Fernandez and follows the story of Vivian Nightingale. On her 15th birthday, Vivian discovers she can see human auras, leading her on an adventure to a hidden Psychic Town called Hemlock Hallows. There, she learns about her mother’s mysterious past, her own curse of predicting death, and a great darkness threatening the town and her family.

Don’t miss the chance to check out Brooklynn Prince’s ‘Misfortune’s Eye’ at Mega Con in Orlando, where the talented young actress will also be participating in a panel discussion.

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