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ABC’s ‘The Wonder Years’ Reimagining Stays True To The Core Of Original While Presenting A Deeper, Relevant Message

NOTE: This article is 3 years old and may not include the most recent information.

ABC premiered its reimagined take on the iconic series ‘The Wonder Years’ this week taking what made the original great and adding a much-needed deeper perspective. The first episode instantly will remind longtime fans of that sense of nostalgia for the 1960s. This new series however takes great care to highlight the social issues affecting People of Color. The first episode narration from Don Cheadle offers the same sense as the original. It was also produced and directed by Fred Savage who starred in the original run. Presenting a full circle vibe and setting the tone for the new series which has already captured the hearts of viewers.

The new Wonder Years is set in the year 1968 in the aftermath of the race riots of 1967 and features the character of Dean Williams played Elisha Williams a 12-year-old boy who is trying to make sense of life. Much like its predecessor, the new Wonder Years focuses on issues that teens face including crushes, fitting in and more but there’s just something about this particular take on the series that offers a much more impactful perspective.

This new series is not a reboot in the sense that it offers a completely different view of the late 1960s and should not be unfairly compared to the original. With much more focus on social issues and diversity and togetherness. The new series should be applauded for what looks to be not shying away from different aspects of the time. That many unfortunately can still relate to today. I found it entertaining, emotional and insightful.

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The Wonder Years airs Wednesdays on ABC and can also be streamed on Hulu.

Trevor Decker


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