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Mckenna Grace as Paige in Young Sheldon
Mckenna Grace as Paige in Young Sheldon
Mckenna Grace as Paige in Young Sheldon


Fans Upset Over Paige’s Absence in “Young Sheldon” Series Finale

The series finale of “Young Sheldon” has left many fans feeling disappointed, particularly due to the absence of Paige Swanson, a character who had become a significant part of Sheldon’s early life. Executive producer Steve Holland recently addressed this issue, shedding light on why Paige was not included in the final season.

Mckenna Grace’s character, Paige Swanson, introduced in Season 2, quickly became a fan favorite. As a fellow child prodigy, she was one of the few characters who could match Sheldon’s intellectual prowess, making her an intriguing rival and a complex character in her own right. Despite her pivotal role, Paige was notably absent in the final season, leading to widespread disappointment among viewers.

Holland explained that while fans often inquire about Paige, she only appeared in nine episodes of “Young Sheldon,” with just three of those overlapping with the final season of “The Big Bang Theory.” He emphasized that when Paige’s role expanded, “The Big Bang Theory” had already concluded, making it impossible to integrate her character into the larger narrative.

“People online respond to Paige and I think that’s because Mckenna is incredible,” Holland stated. He also highlighted the practical challenge of getting Grace back for more episodes, given her rising stardom and recent roles in major projects like “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.”

Despite the logistical hurdles, fans feel that Paige’s storyline deserved a more definitive closure. She was last seen midway through Season 6 when she and Missy ran away from home, leaving many questions unanswered about her future. Holland acknowledged these concerns but maintained that they never saw Paige’s arc as one needing further resolution. “When we got into this season, especially with it being a shortened season, we never thought that [Paige’s storyline] was an arc that needed more closing than it got,” he said.

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Fans have speculated various dark theories about Paige’s absence in “The Big Bang Theory,” but Holland dispelled these, explaining that her character was meant to reflect an alternative path Sheldon could have taken. He emphasized that Paige was more of Missy’s friend by the end of her appearances, which contributed to her not being a central figure in Sheldon’s life anymore.

The frustration over Paige’s absence is compounded by the omission of another beloved character, Dr. John Sturgis, from “The Big Bang Theory.” Both characters played crucial roles in shaping young Sheldon’s development, and their absence in the final narratives of both series leaves a noticeable void.

In conclusion, while the creators of “Young Sheldon” may have had their reasons for not including Paige in the series finale, fans remain upset that such a significant character did not receive the closure they felt she deserved. As avid followers of the show, we share in this disappointment and hope that future spin-offs or special episodes might address these lingering questions.

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